Reasons why Gitlin received Republican Party endorsement

Buried deep in a Sept. 6 article by Emily Jo Cureton, "Local election season about to get rolling," was an interesting quote of the county supervisor of the 1st District, Leslie McNamer, in which she lamented her missed opportunity to make door-to door visits to her constituents during the primary in her imperiled race with her strong opponent for the position, Roger Gitlin. Gitlin's enthusiastic face-to-face presentations in District 1 were greeted by approving voters, placing him in a lead position for the position on the county board.

I can readily relate to Ms. McNamer's stated condition as I also was recovering from surgery at that time and was unable to help Roger with his canvassing of District 1 citizens. Time does, indeed, take its toll and we all must bow to that eventual malfunction that needs mending. I wish us both as complete a recovery as age allows.

As to her stated consternation regarding the local Republican Party's enthusiastic endorsement of the ebullient Roger Gitlin over her, it does seem that the question is satisfied by simply inquiring of several of the local party's committee officers/members. When I posed the question to a well-known party member, her answer was a crisp, "because she votes a la McClure most of the time." Presumably that means the McNamer mindset is of a Republican in name only.

Perhaps more compelling reasons for the Gitlin endorsement lie in his devotion to serving the community by way of his principles as viewed on his website,

He has not demonstrated disingenuousness by seemingly supporting the opposing party candidate in the supervisor race for District No. 2, nor did he host a party attended by Democratic Party officials in his campaign headquarters. Additionally his voting record extends back over his eligible lifetime, not just prior to his run for pubic office.

Applying his stated principles rather than cronyism seems to be one of Roger Gitlin's many strong points. The community will benefit abundantly by electing a new, vigorous and strongly conservative candidate to District 1. That would be Roger Gitlin.

Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City

What can we do to provide a home for mentally ill homeless?

Is there help for the mentally challenged in Crescent City? Because this is a small town, perhaps we do not get the funding needed to help all those who need help with housing.

I am one to know for a fact that there are many that are homeless and wondering around lost during the day with no place to go. Then when night comes, they have no home to go to.

I am not saying anything against those who cannot make decisions for themselves. I am asking why they cannot be helped. There are many empty houses and apartments and buildings in Crescent City. Yet there are homeless people that are mentally challenged living in the woods and behind buildings.

There is a place to get a free meal and perhaps a shower for some, but this is just not good enough. They need ahometo live in. Supported living homes can be set up and jobs can be made from this. So why can't this happen for them?

We know that those that are disabled have a paycheck every month. Some have payees and some don't. Is it right to just give them a paycheck and let them live as wild animals on the streets? If they can pay for the places to live why can't a home be opened up to house these unfortunate people? They deserve respect too.

Yes this is close to my heart because I do have someone close to me that is mentally challenged. They are not so mentally challenged though to be locked up in a facility, so really there is not much help for a place to live or something to do with themselves during the day.

In fact they are homeless and nobody seems to see anything wrong with that. In fact I know one that had been held in a padded cell recently, got doped up on medication and then sent back out to fend for themselves. Because they are doped up does not mean they are well. Doping a mental patient is a temporary fix and then we look the other way.

Shall we wait until they are hit by a moving car or even worse, killed for their money and belongings? Does everyone sleep well at night knowing that there are mental patients walking around as zombies because they have no place to lay their heads at night?

Nancy Del Ponte


Urging public to report sick or injured wildlife they encounter

I visited Battery Point Lighthouse Sept. 6. People were walking around and taking pictures of what appeared to be a beached brown pelican. In Klamath Falls we have white pelicans and over a 30-year span of seeing them, I could recognize a pelican in distress.

I called the number on the lighthouse sign and talked with Karen at the Historical Society. I asked her to contact the wildlife department and report a pelican in need of help. When I called Karen several days later, she had gotten a hold of the Humbolt Wildlife Department and they dispatched someone to help the pelican. Karen went out of her way to help.

I called the Humbolt Wildlife and they said that yes someone had rescued the pelican. It was a young pelican who had ingested toxic byproducts in their environment. I was told that the pelican was too far gone to save, but that he had died in a warm safe place.

I am writing this letter to the editor in hopes that more residents or visitors would report sick or injured wildlife as soon as you see it. Here's hoping the next batch of young pelicans get help if and when it is needed.

Susan Estling

Klamath Falls

Romney spoke out about the

Muslim protests at right time

Regarding the Sept. 15 letter from Felice Pace, "Romney demonstrates that he is unfit to be president," pray let me get this straight: You think Gov. Romney isunfitto run against Obama because he spoke up and filled the vacuum?

Don't you think somebody had to do it? I mean, Obama was hors de combat, so what was Romney to do? Stand mute in the presence of this demigod president and wait for his permission to speak?

MSNBC'S Chris Mathews surely would agree with you that Romney is unfit, thinking Romney arrogant to even run against Obama, no doubt a position held by 90 percent of the media. Fact is, Romney spoke up in a timely manner. People wanted and expected to hear from the president, but alas, he was absent. Point is, people needed to hear our president condemn the attacks at once, not 14 hours later. After all, our ambassador was murdered.

That said, the even larger criticism of Obama, and the bumbling Mrs. Clinton, would be this: Why were our embassies so lightly defended, even though the administration reportedly had ample warning of trouble? Given that possibility, say likelihood, one would have thought Obama should have beefed up security all through the Middle East. It wasn't done. That should be the headline!

Yet the administration is frantically badmouthing Romney in order to draw attention from its bungling and in a further attempt to gloss over Obama's abysmal record in the region. Pace also wants Romney, unrealistically, to "stand" with Obama. Would Pace say the same if Romney were president? Right!

What's important to recognize, is that our country's economy is reeling under Obama's left-wing domestic programs, while his naive Middle East policies of accommodation and appeasement have brought us nothing but scorn and rebellion and radical Muslim escalation. So, given Obama's background, he has governed about as expected.

One more thing. If Romney is unfit, consider this: Today China is preparing for war with Japan, Iran has just launched a Russian-made submarine into the gulf, the Mid-east is in flames, yet Obama is off for another appearance with Letterman, followed by a lavish fundraiser with Jay-Z and Beyonce. What's wrong with this picture?

I ask you, do we finally need a serious man in the White House, or what?

Carter Swart

Crescent City