What is GMO? Many people say it means "God move over" and that's not far from the truth.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism.

Why should we care? Because you are eating it and your children are eating it!

Scientists, along with your favorite chemical companies Monsanto and Dow have conceived a way to tamper with the very core of our food. The life force of the plants we consume have been altered to suit them.

They inject insecticide right into the plant, corn in particular. This makes the gut of the so-called pests that attack our corn crops explode - yes, you heard right - the corn molecules make an insect's stomach explode when it tries to nibble on the corn.

What does this mean for us humans? GMO crops cause our guts to leak, too, which causes food allergies, autism, behavior problems, even cancer. As if that's not bad enough, our crops are routinely sprayed with Roundup to kill the weeds.

Why doesn't this also kill the crops they're growing? Because the seeds have been genetically modified to be "Roundup ready" to live while the weeds die, for a while until they become resistant to the poison. So then they add more and more. These are the same folks who brought us DDTand Agent Orange.

Thirty years ago Joni Mitchell wrote a song, "Hey, farmer, farmer, put away that DDT now, give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees please."

It's no wonder our bees are dying too. Not only we get sick from poisoned crops. The big four are corn, cotton, soy beans and canola.

They feed this to the animals, they eat the corn and soy beans instead of grass and pasture food,as nature intended, so they get sick, sterile, have birth defects, respiratory problems, so they are pumped with antibiotics which we also consume via the meat we eat. (Unless you buy grass-fed.)

There is going to be a measure on the ballot in November, Proposition 37, to require labeling all food that contains GMO ingredients. Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia and India have been labeling their GMO food since 1999. Isn't it time Americans have the right to know, too?

If you want to know before that, you can print out on your computer a non-GMO shopping guide.

To learn more about how our genes are being horrendously manipulated, watch the film called "Genetic Roulette" on your home computer free through today. Just Google "genetic roulette" or use your favorite search engine. I guarantee your outrage and it will make you think twice about eating only organic or, better yet, growing your own food.

I must plug Safeway brand "O" milk. That was on the safe food list, I'm proud to say.

Velma Rinehart is a Crescent City resident.