Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Hospital regionalization awful

On my recent visit to my orthopedic surgeon, I was more aware of this recent push to "regionalize" our hospital services.

I am appalled! Hasn't our community lost more than our fair share of medical services already?

More and more of our citizens are being forced to commute to Eureka or Medford for the services we direly need to remain local. We've already suffered a mass exodus of doctors and other health care professionals. Isn't this more of the same?

Speaking from personal knowledge, the "cutting" of our medical transport bus has already made it close to impossible for me to get to the pain clinic in Arcata so that I can have a semblance of "quality of life."

If a 50 percent reduction in services is allowed to happen due to "regionalization," what happens to anyone in the same position as myself? And what about our doctors? Will they be allowed to practice locally as needed?

Are we really going to allow "suits" in the Bay Area to decide what is proper and/or needed concerning our medical needs and proper medical care? Honestly?

Too much of our fate is being entrusted to back-room dealings that have not and will not have our local physicians a part of medical decisions.

I love my community and do not want to see it die, which isn't such a reach if we lose any more of our medical services.

Think about it, can we afford this loss?

Jan Talbot Dehnert

Crescent City

Free speech and God

I'm sick and tired of watching our free speech being amputated from us. I'm not taking it anymore. I want my child and future generations to have what I have had: to be able to say what they want and how they feel.

Everyone has that right, and whether I disagree with what someone is saying, they have a right to say it. Our rights come from God, not man.

The only person we have to answer to is God, not man. Thanks and God bless America!

Emily George

Crescent City

We need a better mascot

Having attended a Del Norte Youth Football game Sept. 16, I wish to thank all those children, parents and volunteers who make this happen. It was such a joy to see the participants, audience and other children and relatives (especially grandparents) having a time and place to interact and just have fun. Thank you to all who make this happen.

I was concerned when I saw an adult wearing a sweat shirt with the old Indian Warrior logo. Don't people realize that this was deliberated about eight to 10 years ago for over a year before it was decided not to have this logo? At the time, a very brave man, Pastor Irish, of the Nazarene Church, offered to chair the group; this was a "hot potato" and nobody wanted to do this.

I believe they met once a week, beginning with people who wanted to retain the logo. They heardmonths of testimony from different sources, including Plains Native Americans who informed us that the headdress had a religious significance. We also hear of groups where Native Americans were mascots and this was offensive. A group of people should not be a mascot.

I remember having a few students (football players) who were adamant in keeping the old logo; I invited them to go to the meetings. They did, and changed their minds, saying they understood the significance and did not want to offend the Native Americans, nor the religious views of the Plains Native Americans.

There are so many controversies in our society. What if all this energy could be devoted to coming up with a new logo, not having a Native American mascot? The Humboldt people are the "Loggers," can't we think of something that represents us and does not offend a group of people or religion?

Calie Martin

Crescent City

Letter was wrong about military

After reading Virginia Walworth's Sept. 18 letter, "Complacency about military strength a history of mistakes," I couldn't just sit back.

In the '90s when the World Trade Center, our embassies, and the USS Cole were bombed, President Clinton was doing all he could. He set up the first comprehensive counter-terrorism operation in this country. He prepared full battle plans to over throw Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, but was blocked by the (unelected) FBI and CIA. In fact, the term Al Qaeda, was coined during the Clinton administration.

Now how did that happen if he "ignored the chatter"? Currently 60 percent of our "discretionary" spending goes to the military. That is President Obama's budget. He has not overlooked the importance of military strength. I cannot cover everything in this limited letter, but I suggest that people get their information from credible resources, and not from an admittedly opinion-based, talking point, pandering news-in-disguise organization like FOX.

Try some .gov sites. Credible information can be found with a little research.

Wendy Merritt-Templeton

Crescent City