Native Americans in our area should be proud of our mascot

I have been following the controversial issue of those wanting to bring back the image of a warrior head for the mascot at Del Norte High. I have read the letters for and against this issue. I find it very hard to believe that the students at Del Norte High would think of an Indian head as being a symbol portraying the Indian culture as bad or representing something that took part in our nation's past dark history.

I graduated from a high school in another state, and our mascot was the "Indians." I was very proud of our mascot! I know that soon after I graduated there was a nationwide push to eliminate all teams with the mascots that had anything associated with the Native American people. I was very pleased when my high school stood firm and continues to this day to have the "Indian" as its mascot.

There are many teams at all levels that continue to have an Indian culture as their mascot. Examples include the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves and Florida State Seminoles, and there are many more. Do we really think all these teams have chosen their mascot so as to disgrace the Native American people?

I say no way, just the opposite. It is my opinion that a team or school picks a mascot that represents the team or school with pride and honor. I also think the mascot is chosen to represent strength and power.

Then there is the issue of having a mascot of people or a culture. Well, what about Notre Dame "Fighting Irish," should the Irish people be outraged at that mascot? No, we shouldn't be so silly and jump to that conclusion or political correctness.

I could go on and on about other examples of many mascots that have been chosen, that I'm sure can in one way or anotherbe offensive to someone. I feel that the Native American people in this area should be proud that the young people at the high school would want the (Indian) Warrior as its mascot.

I'm very sure that these students just want to continue having a mascot that their parents and grandparents had and will be very proud, honored, and respectful to this type of mascot, just as much as I was.

Craig Hulse

Crescent City