Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Had a great time at farms' shindig

This past Sunday, my family and I attended the annual Ocean Air Farms community shindig, as we have every year since it began.

I was impressed that Paul Madeira and Julie Jo Ayer Williams would open this event up to the community at large this year. There were several new faces enjoying all that the farm has to offer.

We always look forward to our annual visit. This year we viewed sheep shearing, enjoyed a scavenger hunt, ate delicious food, listened to a great local band and soaked up the amazing weather.

There are so many things going on at the farm during this event, we didn't get to enjoy everything we wanted, such as, the hay ride, zucchini sling shot, or the potato harvest.

This is by far my favorite annual event in Del Norte County and every year Julie Jo and Paul do it free of charge! They are to be commended for all they do for our community, from their involvement in the farmer's markets, educating the public about gardening, and providing us with this amazing annual event.

Next year, I hope to see more of you out there walking around the farm, enjoying the company of your community, and reaping the bounty of the harvest.

Stephanie Disrude, Crescent City

Let's learn to say the county name correctly

About the county name, I've lived here since 1997. When I first arrived, I called the county by its name ... as it should be pronounced: Del Norte ("Del Nor-tay").

But, everyone corrected me not to say it in Spanish. Well, this is ridiculous, folks! Do you even know that Del means "of the" and Norte means "North"? And that's what we are ... from the North. So why not grow up a little and actually call our county by its proper name?

Just a thought.

Teri Markanson, Crescent City

Editor's note: The preceding letter appeared in the Tuesday edition with the wrong headline.

Gitlin's words shouldn't be used against him

I read Emily Jo Cureton's Sept. 29 article, "Gitlin seeks local office, but with a global twist," on Roger Gitlin running for Del Norte supervisor. I'm not sure why this was a front page story rather than an opinion piece; but nonetheless, it was a very biased piece.

I have met Roger Gitlin. He has come to my home and spoken to me of issues that are about Del Norte County, yet Cureton felt it necessary to pull little snippets of his past writings. Taking words out of context is not only unfair, but unprofessional. It's also not helpful and Cureton's piece came across to me as a definite "hit" piece.

I have never met Supervisor Leslie McNamer, though I have heard about her. I really have no knowledge on where she stands on issues. I still don't know squat about her. She's in office for two terms and wants a third; what has she done? Her comments criticizing Mr. Gitlin are phony. It would appear to me the incumbent is in this for herself and simply wants a job. She's not getting my vote.

Roger Gitlin comes across as someone who represents my values and he wants to help fix a lot of what's wrong with Crescent City and Del Norte County.

Why are you guys at the Triplicate so afraid of bringing some new blood into our local Board of Supervisors?

Try to present the news in a fair and balanced way next time.

Bruce Robinson, Crescent City

Pleased to read Gitlin's conservative message

I was pleased to see the article about Roger Gitlin, "Gitlin seeks local office, but with a global twist," in the Sept. 29 issue of the Triplicate.

We need Mr. Gitlin on our Board of Supervisors. I urge those of you in District 1 to vote for him. I can't, because I live in District 3. But every supervisor on the board represents everyone in the county. They are all my supervisors, as well as yours.

As the article correctly points out, the office of supervisor is nonpartisan as to political parties. In actual practice, no government office is non-partisan. Our society is pretty sharply divided into liberals and conservatives. And everyone pretty much knows who they are.

Our president, for example, is a liberal. He has said he wants to "fundamentally change" our system of government and he is trying very hard to do that. Conservatives are trying to stop him from doing that. Conservatives want to conserve the fundamental values and freedom provided for in our Constitution.

California conservatives will have a very small voice in the selection of our next president.The big-city liberals far outnumber us. So California electoral votes will go to Obama. Therefore it is very important, not only for us, but for all small communities across the state and the United States, to elect some good conservative people into local offices.It may be our only chance to save our Constitution and our country from fundamental change and financial ruin.

Roger Gitlin is the man we need in our local office. You can learn more about him at

Clif Shepard, Crescent City

Don't swap experience for inexperience

If you were in business and had a valued employee for eight years that had done a good job for you, would you fire that person and hire someone with no experience?

That is exactly what you would be doing if you chose not to vote for Leslie McNamer for county supervisor.

Leslie McNamer is the logical choice - the voice of experience.

Nancy Smith, Crescent City

We are fluoridation foes, not fluoride foes

Regarding the headline of the Sept. 27 article, "Fluoride foes planning event for Saturday," the coalition of Crescent City Citizens for Safe Water is trying to educate the public that the appropriate and effective use of fluoride is topical, as applied directly to the teeth via toothpaste, gels, etc.

The Safe Water Coalition is against water fluoridation, which is a systemic application; there's a difference. Tooth decay worldwide has decreased because of fluoridated toothpaste, and just as importantly good dental hygiene and diet.

Almost all countries in the world, including the industrial nations, do not fluoridate their water. And it is precisely those countries with nutritional diets high in calcium rich foods, good oral hygiene andnowater fluoridation that have the lowest tooth decay rates.

The worldwide reduction in tooth decay is attributed to fluoridated toothpaste. Even the Center for Disease Control's Oral Health Division acknowledges that fluoride's main benefit comes from topical contact with the teeth, not from ingestion. That is why most educated industrial nations of the world no longer fluoridate their water. It is an antiquated practice.

And furthermore, many countries that have stopped fluoridating their water supplies have also observed a decrease in dental decay rates.So, when water fluoridation advocates question what we will replace water fluoridation with, it makes absolutely no sense. Replace a myth? A placebo?

Teach our children to brush, especially at lunch hour when they are at school, and eliminate soft drinks at school.When I was of school age, the only available beverage was milk - high in calcium, which is known to be good for bones and teeth.

Swallowing fluoride is as senseless as swallowing Preparation H to alleviate hemorrhoids. It is immoral and senseless to continue polluting our water supply with a known neurotoxin and powerful hormone disruptor, which are known facts about fluoride.Get the facts, Also http://www.FluorideAlert.Org.

I would appreciate an apology from the Triplicate for the mischaracterization of our message.

Eileen Cooper, Crescent City