Disgusted by theft of fireman's grave plaque

Recently my beloved brother, Harold was laid to rest at our local cemetery.

He served this community his entire life and in doing so, a bronze Fireman's Medallion was placed on his temporary grave marker plaque. Our family was honored and there was no man ever more deserving to receive it. So you must understand how heartbroken and disgusted we were to find someone has taken it.

I write this to the person who felt they needed a souvenir!

You did not serve this community! It was not given to you!

It was given to a great man who had a big smile for everyone and a "hello" or "how you doing?" regardless of who they were! He had the heart of a lion.

The bronze medallion honors him for the great man he was, not you!

I do not care who you are or whatever reason why you stole the medallion.

I ask, for my family, for you to return it to his grave.

Return it to the great man whom it was given to.

Nancy Esparza, Crescent City

Gitlin another naive

know-it-all newcomer

Why is it that Del Norte attracts people to our community and within a couple of years they think they have all the answers for our community? Remember Ray Thompson, Bill Burke, Jack Burlake, Herb Kolodner, Charles Slert and Bill Gray? They all have the same thing in common: They think they know what is best for our community. Where are they now?

Well, our community needs experienced leadership that has a true understanding of our challenges, our families and our history. One doesn't need to have been born and raised here, but we do need someone who has roots in our community. Someone who has helped build our docks, supported low-income housing and rolled up her sleeves when disaster struck. She even moved mountains of chips for Kids Town.

Leslie McNamer has all that and more. She always goes the extra mile to help friends and neighbors. She represents our entire community.

Leslie's only agenda is to continue to move our community forward. She understands the vital need for highway improvements, medical and hospital security and continued support for our seniors and veterans.

David Alvarez, Crescent City

Gitlin's claims not addressed in article

In response to the Sept. 29 article, "Gitlin seeks local office, but with a global twist," it seems to me the author of the article was trying to portray Roger as somewhat of a right-wing, radical hypocrite.

I say this based on the quantity and quality of certain catch-words and phrases. These were mostly inflammatory, designed to elicit emotion from readers (us) that is directed toward the cause of the inflammatory comments (Roger.)

Roger was indirectly called a hypocrite by quoting his "name-calling" of certain individuals, groups, and principles then, in the very next paragraph, citing his disdain for those who would call him names.

While the article paints Roger as a firebrand, Leslie McNamer is seen as quietly, passively, succinctly stating that Roger is in this for himself and spends too much time on the Internet.

Personally knowing Roger has definite advantages, at least for me. If I had to rely on this article, solely, to define which box on the ballot I will check, it will certainly be for the quiet, mild-mannered lady who just sits there taking it from some nut squawking at the top of his lungs from the roof tops.

The sad part is, no efforts were made to address the claims Roger is making. Instead, the article attempts to reverse the issues elucidated by Roger and implies thatheis the problem. Notwithstanding that newspaper columns have space limitations, taking statements or words out of context certainly aids an author in cementing bases for establishing so-called facts.

The use of quotes around words and/or phrases adds emphasis and draws attention (please reread my first paragraph!) The pointing out of two grammatical errors in an email? To me, that's just a subtle low-blow.

I certainly would have loved hearing more than the two quotes attributed to Ms. McNamer, at least those more pertinent to the article.

This in a nutshell is how the article impacted me. Knowing Roger personally, I have a definite bias that runs quite favorably toward Roger Gitlin, as I perceive him a very intelligent, calm, yet persuasive individual who can and will do something for our community. If he has to tell the truth to get that accomplished, more power to him!

Fred Wagner, Crescent City

More examples of Gitlin's radicalism

I was pleased to read that Roger Gitlin also calls members of his own party names when they are not in lock step with his radical ideas.

Check out what he calls Democrats. The following are direct excerpts from Gitlin's ranting found online at

"The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the grifters, con men, and hustlers who should be behind bars rather than behind the Justice Department, the EPA, the National Labor Relations Board, or countless other useless, worthless agencies which serve no purpose and have long overstayed their usefulness."

There is more:

"Today the Party of the working man has become the Party of the non-working class.The Democrats have devolved to become the Party of moochers, leeches, and victims. And this Party of hope and change has morphed into a Frankenstein that would turn FDR in his grave. The Democratic Party is an abomination that is slowly strangling the greatest country in the world: The United States of America."

I say Del Norte County doesn't need this type of radical Southern California thinking. It may have attracted some interest in Santa Clarita, but we are more civilhere. I'm grateful that local Republicans and Democrats have lived and worked together to make Del Norte County a pleasant and neighborly place to call home.

Anger and hate are not what we want. Here we live in a place where everyone calls each other by name, not calling one another names.

Maybe Roger Gitlin should return to Santa Clarita and its palm trees if he wants to promote extremism.

Lorenza C. Lopez, Crescent City

Having Gitlin on ballot a breath of fresh air

I am glad to have Roger Gitlin on the ballot; it's like a breath of fresh air to have someone that I can actually talk to running for District 1 Supervisor.

Roger understands the problems that face our community and he offers common sense solutions to the problems. He understands that "politics as usual" is no longer an option.

Leslie McNamer, on the other hand, tends to be laid back. Laid back is fine, but holders of public office get left in the dust, as we have seen.

Clint Eastwood put it simply when he said in effect: "Politicians work for us and if they don't do the job we hired them to do, we have to let them go."

Don Wray, Crescent City