DA should be disbarred

Here are excerpts from a letter we wrote to the State Bar in support of disbarment of Jon Alexander:

We have witnessed Mr. Alexander since his campaign and throughout his career as the district attorney of Del Norte County.

During his campaign, we witnessed several inappropriate actions. But since he has become the DA, we find his actions highly inappropriate and feel the Bar should be aware of those actions.

Mr. Alexander is purely out for his self-promotion. He has brought shame, disgrace and embarrassment upon the justice system and this small community. His letters to the editor, his grandstanding, are all self-serving.

Our own involvement with Mr. Alexander has been through the case of Eileen Silvey, who was charged with embezzlement against the senior center here in Crescent City.

... Mr. Alexander instantly released information to the Triplicate, all charges were printed on the front page of the paper and within a matter of time, Mrs. Silvey was arrested (at a fundraiser for her son-in-law who was suffering from non-Hodgkins lymphoma) and assigned $100,000 bail. Mr. Alexander has repeatedly released statements to our local newspaper about untried accusations and his opinion of her guilt. In January, it will be two years since this debacle happened.

... Mr. Alexander has since turned this case over, repeatedly, to two different assistant district attorneys. He has ... no intention of dropping this case because ... he has shot his mouth off to too many people that he cannot drop the case without public embarrassment and it would be political suicide. Mr. Alexander thought he had a big case about someone "hurting the seniors" in this county, when in actuality, this wasn't even a case that involved the seniors of Del Norte County.

... This case still continues and we're sure that an investigation will show that all of the charges are unfounded. Many of the charges were already dropped and the remaining charges are so ludicrous that they are laughable. Mrs. Silvey's reputation, a long standing, responsible member of our community, has been squashed because of Mr. Alexander's inability to research these charges before filing them. And, his inability to face the fact that he made an egregious mistake in filing this case.

We hope you will consider this letter in your deliberations. Mr. Alexander is a buffoon and certainly has shown how misuse of justice can overrun a judicial system.

Marian and John Allman, Crescent City

Attacks on DA unfair

First, let me commend the Triplicate for its fair reporting and treatment of the news regarding our embattled district attorney. Walking that line between reporting and taking sides is not easy and the story in the Oct. 13 edition, "Table turns: DA is on trial," is a good example.

When last I wrote here, I lambasted the State Bar for its unwarranted and malicious attacks on Jon Alexander. The agenda behind the attacks is becoming ever more plain, along with the identities of those attacking him via their proxy of the State Bar. Anyone reading the list of witnesses against Jon and having a memory of events locally should be deeply suspicious of their motivations. The timing of certain stories by out-of-area publications containing salacious half-truths mixed with blatant lies should also raise red flags about their veracity. Surprise! The sources for those stories just happen to be on the list of prosecution witnesses.

My wife Christa and I, among some 40 others, will be travelling on our own dime to San Francisco to appear in support of Jon. Some of our friends have questioned why we do this for someone whose political views on many issues differ from our own and who belongs to a different political party. The answer is simple: Right and wrong cross political boundaries and we will always support what is right.

Sometimes, doing what is right has a cost. This time, it's merely money and time we can't really afford. Compared to what members of our Armed Forces are prepared to pay, however, our costs are insignificant. Please support both Jon and our Armed Forces in every way you can. On different levels, both defend our rights and our homes.

Second, the race for Supervisor District 1 could not have highlighted the differences in the two candidates more vividly than their respective ads in Saturday's paper. One urges the reader to reflect on higher callings of duty and honor for the county/country and to support efforts to improve both. The other resorts to name calling. Sure, there are the requisite letters supporting one candidate and dissing the other. I have had the honor of meeting both.Being a one-time politician wanna-be (in 2008), I thought I had some insight into the characters of the candidates. Turns out, I learned more about their characters from their ads than I did from their handshakes.

Surprise again.

Jim Norton, Crescent City

Traffic rules around buses

The following is the text from the California Driver Handbook regarding school buses:

"If you fail to stop, you may be fined up to $1,000 and your driving privilege could be suspended for one year. If the school bus is on the other side of a divided or multilane highway (two or more lanes in each direction), you do not need to stop."

Every morning I enter town from the north about 7:15. Three to four days a week the school bus is stopped at Totem Villa picking up children. Most of the time traffic in the southbound lane stops because the red lights are flashing and the STOP sign is out on the side of the bus.

I appreciate drivers being slow and safe around a school bus, but California driving code does not require drivers on the opposite side of a four-lane road to stop for a school bus.

Thank you to those drivers behind the bus for always stopping.

Brett Lauble, Crescent City

Need more party choices

People in America are always complaining about who to vote for. Republicans and Democrats are the only mainstream parties.

The other parties are the Green Party, American Independent, Libertarian, and Peace and Freemen. Why doesn't anybody ever vote for these four? Nobody has ever given the other opportunities a chance and I'd like to know why.

Both Republicans and Democrats are destroying our country. We need a president who is neither Republican or Democrat. If people keep voting for these two, America will never be a great country again. Things will get worse, much worse.

Someday there will be only two classes of people, the poor and the rich. Middle class will be gone. Do we want our country to fall and fail? Well, that's where it's heading.

Karen Leven, Fort Dick