If Asante keeps hospital improving, go with them

Sutter Coast Hospital gives outstanding care just the way it is. If, to keep doing this or keep improving means going with Asante, then this is what they should do.

In July 2010, my husband was in ICU. The hospital allowed the nurses and doctors who were Christian to pray with us and they prayed for him. He was in a coma but they treated him as if he was awake because they said, "The last thing to go is hearing."

They talked to him, when time allowed sat and held his hand. When it was time to let him go the doctor prayed with us and with him. I've never felt such peace.

I have had x-rays, mammograms, emergency care, etc. When they found a cancerous tumor on my liver I had a scan to find exactly where to go to biopsy it. The girl who called the night before talked with me for nearly an hour to reassure me. The procedure was quite painful and the doctor was very caring. When I got through it I felt like each one hurt as much as I did and I knew they cared.

Don't get rid of this type of care close to home. We will lose many of these wonderful people. I have been in Rogue Valley several times and they are under Asante. I had excellent care there, even with their diabetic menu, which brought my blood sugar to normal and allowed me to go off my medication for the first time in years.

They even had couches which made into a bed so my husband could be with me during the night. They allowed the family to order off the menu for a lower cost. This is the type of organization I would like Sutter Coast to be associated with and keep the number of beds it has now.

I hope the Board of Directors will take these things into consideration when it makes a decision.

Eugenia D. Frodsham, Brookings

The county can't affordan extremist like Gitlin

I have lived in Del Norte county for nearly 40 years. During that time, I have seen many changes. I have seen the last of the lumber mills disappear, the commercial salmon fishery nearly eliminated, and most of our land bought by the state and federal government. Our county is made up of resilient and hard working individuals who have adapted the best they could to the challenges we've faced.

Having been blessed with the redwoods and the beautifulSmith River, our elected officials have wisely focused on tourism and begun the transformation from a stop-over town along 101 to a vacation destination with nice motels, restaurants, a rejuvenated downtown and many special events put on voluntarily by local residents.

The Sea Cruise, JayceesTournament, the former Noll Surfing Classic and annual fireworks display are just a few of the activities that have drawn people to Del Norte County from all over the Pacific Northwest.

Even with dwindling financial resources, we have worked together to overcome adversity. We have helped stabilize our economy with Pelican Bay State prison. Our local School Board has maintained a respectable school system in spite of potentially devastating budget cuts. Our city and county officials have worked together to provide police and fire protection as well as seek out opportunities for economic growth with decreased revenue.

Although apolitical by nature, I feel compelled to comment briefly on a District 1 supervisor candidate, Roger Gitlin. I have seen many candidates for supervisor in the past who just recently entered our county. Most were well meaning, but I have never heard of a candidate with "a global twist" on his or her local political views. Especially, one who writes such extreme and divisive views like Roger Gitlin.

If you haven't done so yet and are still considering him as a supervisor, please read the pieces he's written in the since filing his District 1 candidacy in March. I've read them and I invite all interested voters to do likewise.

We are in no position to experiment with extremist partisan views in our local politics. Our present national Congress has shown what polarized legislative bodies can achieve. Nothing.

Mr. Gitlin, in his own words, characterizes Del Norte as a "dramatically polarized county." With that view, Mr. Gitlin, what do you intend to accomplish?

Rick Smith, Crescent City

Gitlin a divisive and unproven commodity

I try not to take local politics personally. Everybody is entitled to their beliefs. I have friends of both major parties, and I believe that both sides of the political spectrum have insights into improving the life of our community.

However, I must take severe exception to the statements of Roger Gitlin.

Plain and simple - calling the voting base of the Democratic Party "moochers, leeches and victims" has no place in Del Norte County politics.

I have been a Del Norte County resident for more than two decades. Without sounding immodest, I have volunteered my time and talents to many groups, and given monetarily to various organizations over the years. I have toiled in the private sector every working day since my arrival, and in the past 10 years, held down both a full- and part-time job. I am undoubtedly imperfect, but I can look in the mirror and feel I have tried to make a positive difference.

Mr. Gitlin has been a part of our community for a brief period of time, moving here from the big city. His contributions to our community are slight. He struggles to maintain civil relationships with many. Yet he feels qualified to judge me, and so many others, based on nothing more than political party selection.

What gives Mr. Gitlin the right to judge me, or anybody else? What has he done for our community that gives him the moral high ground to cast judgment about our worth, and the worth of so many other hard-working Del Norte County residents?

I have known Leslie McNamer for a number of years. She's honest. She works hard. She listens. She makes tough decisions based on what is best for the community, not on political party affiliation.

In my opinion, Mr. Gitlin does not meet those standards.

Ladies and gentlemen, be you Democrat, Republican, decline to state or other andhellip; please join me in re-electing Leslie McNamer - a real Del Norte Republican - to the District 1 Board of Supervisors. We need somebody who works for all of Del Norte County.

John W. Pritchett, Crescent City

Editor's note: John Pritchett is working on the McNamer campaign.

Stealing, vandalizing campaign signs illegal

Campaign signs are an important part of an election. They introduce, inform and help voters make a decision.

Did you know it is illegal to destroy, mutilate or steal those signs? It is! I have had five of my signs stolen. Two were expensive signs of black (like a chalkboard), 4-foot-high school houses.

If you really want one of my signs for your collection, please call my cell phone and I will personally deliver one to you.

Please leave my signs where they are. Thank you.

Edna Smith, Smith River

Gov't not the problem, campaign funding is

It is truly hard to believe that anyone would want to vote for wealthy people, some of whom take over a company, harvest it as a vulture would, then have the employees train the Chinese to do their jobs, which are then shipped overseas. For this type of activity, one is supposed to believe that the CEO deserves to pay about 15 percent in income taxes while the rest of us pay 35 percent.

These same plutocrats, the wealthy who run the country, have through lobbyists, had the laws skewed to deregulate almost every rule that protects the public from these same predators. Take the major banks that were too big to fail, they convinced Congress that they needed to be deregulated in order for them to make risky loans with hedge funds which were many people's retirement that they earned, but now have nothing.

The government is not the problem. The amount of money that our representatives have to raise to be re-elected starts the day after the election. It takes a lot of money to be a representative or senator. That money comes with special favors. The Citizens United amendment made it so massive amounts of money could be raised and it can come from outside the country or from anywhere. It does not have to be disclosed where it comes from. The super wealthy live in a bubble. They don't seem to know nor care that others suffer.

Please read your voter pamphlets carefully on each issue. The fancy flyers that come in the mail are for the most part, propaganda. We deserve to know if a food is genetically modified. Many countries have this protection, including India, which had to fight for that right. Don't be swayed by fancy slogans and slick ads that say. "Lets Fix It," until it is explained how it will be fixed. Many of these same people have special interests that they want protected. It is OK for them but not for teachers, nurses, those who run the municipalities and all who work hard to take care of us.

Another issue is fluoride. Everything that we put on our skin goes into our blood stream. I do not use toothpaste that contains fluoride. It is also expensive for a city to add it to the water. It's an expense that it can ill afford.

Crystal Griffin, Crescent City

Study: Fluoride linked to lower IQ in children

In July, a team of Harvard and Chinese scientists published a study that warned of fluoride's potential to reduce human intelligence. The researchers issued their warning after reviewing dozens of studies from the past two decades that have linked elevated fluoride exposure to reduced IQ in children.

Although the National Research Council issued a similar warning in 2006, advocates of fluoridation continue to push ahead with plans to fluoridate yet more water supplies in what is already the most fluoridated nation on Earth: the United States.

Perhaps those who insist on this practice have elevated fluoride exposure.

Randy Hodson Sr., Crescent City