Del Norte Triplicate Readers

McNamer will honor the

non-partisan nature of office

Why is it the Republicans are making such a stink about Leslie McNamer associating with all parties, Republican, Democrats, decline-to-state, etc.?

This is a non-partisan position and she does work with all parties, not just her affiliation party.

We don't need someone in the position of supervisor that will not give equal importance to constituents that are not of his party.

Wake up voters. We darned sure don't need partisan politics on our Board of Supervisors. Please vote for the logical choice, Leslie McNamer.

Richard Bolen, Crescent City

History shows one little vote can make all the difference

Election Day is rapidly coming. It is time to remind people that they need to vote. Voting is a privilege and a sacred duty. I get very disturbed when people tell me that they don't bother because their vote doesn't count.

Consider the value of one vote in American history. In 1646 one little vote gave Oliver Cromwell control over all of England.

In 1649 one little vote sent Charles the First to be executed.

Closer to home, in 1776, one little vote gave America the English language instead of German.

In 1868 one little vote brought Texas into the Union.

In 1868 one little vote saved Andrew John Johnson from impeachment.

In 1876 one little vote brought France out of a monarchy to a republic.

In 1923 one little vote brought Adolf Hitler the leadership of the Nazi Party.

In 1941 one vote saved the Selective Service just weeks before WWII.

In 1993 one vote, by the vice president, gave us the largest tax plan ever.

Just your one vote may tip the balance of America once again being blessed or headed further down the road to doom.

Every eligible American should become an informed voter, beyond the popularity and dollar factor of special interest groups.

Register, be informed, vote!

Ed Fleshman, Crescent City

Evidence doesn't support McNamer's GOP affiliation

There is no perfect political party or candidate. It does appear that once a person is a candidate for office, she/he is fair game for persons who wish to attack or take out of context that which has been written or said.

I am very careful with words, yet at times, I hear myself saying, "That's not what I meant to say." Then, if someone takes part of what I've said, things can really get misconstrued.

Why didn't Leslie McNamer get the Republican endorsement? Do we know her? I remember when she was first running for office and came to Republican Women so she could speak to our group. I don't recall seeing her again until she ran for office the second time. Recently, her third campaign, she came so she could address us. I haven't seen her at any other time, or helping with our projects during the last eight years.

Likewise I don't believe she has attended or helped with the Republican Central Committee, its projects, or asked for our endorsement.

I acknowledge and respect political parties and differences of opinions. I have no problem with this. What I have a problem with is pretending to be that which one isn't.

When Leslie opened her office, next door to Republican Headquarters, on I St., she had a special function. We'd been next door cleaning. To look in was to see "Who's Who in Democratic politics." Are Republicans being used so she can leave her material with us?

Rumor has it that if she's elected, she'll resign, due to health, and the governor will appoint a replacement. (I'm sure with local Democratic approval.) Is this honest?

At our Central Committee meeting recently, did we see Martha McClure in Leslie's office? Again, I respect the idea of different political parties. I have a problem with deception, pretending to be one thing when it's another.

If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, sounds like a duck, why does it say it's a "partridge in a pear tree?" Ducks are beautiful, also, and worthy of dignity and respect.

California Martin, Crescent City

Gitlin's claim to support vets doesn't jive with his ideology

Regarding the Sept. 29 article, "Gitlin seeks local office, but with a global twist," thank you, Triplicate for exposing Roger Gitlin and his political philosophy. His attacks on those who receive government assistance are outrageous.

I am a Vietnam veteran disabled with PTSD from that war. I live on VA compensation and Social Security. Gitlin, though, apparently thinks I and other disabled veterans are "moochers, victims, and entitlement seekers." Likely he thinks the same of those who receive disability payments, food stamps, etc. I wonder what he thinks about those who receive Social Security and use Medicare.

Gitlin made a big deal about honoring and thanking us veterans. But when we need care are we "moochers" and "victims"? Thanking is cheap; medical care is expensive.

Does Gitlin criticize the wealthy and the big corporations who use numerous ways to avoid paying their fair share of taxes to support our country? Does he criticize farmers big and small for taking farm subsidies? Or is he ever critical of all the tax breaks and subsidies and give-aways to businesses?

He addressed his email to "Conservatives and fellow Patriots." Apparently he thinks the rest of us are not patriotic, at least not as patriotic as his supporters. Who is Giltin to say who is and who isn't patriotic, especially when he derides all those who disagree with him? I note that he did not serve in the military even though he was draft age during the Vietnam War.

Mr. Gitlin wrote that the "full force of the radical left" is out to defeat him. Not hardly. That is just as nonsensical as claiming bogeymen are out to get him. Rather he is part of the local Tea Party's troika to take over the county. We defeated the other two in June, now it's time to defeat Gitlin and vote for McNamer.

John Mertes, Crescent City

Retired dentist: Some studies say fluoridation risk unknown

As a retired Smith River dentist, I am writing to express my concerns regarding the addition of fluoride to the municipal water supply. Although professionally administered topical fluoride is helpful in preventing caries or tooth decay, the Centers for Disease Control recently recommended against the use of fluoridated water in baby formula.

Moreover, some medical researchers believe that supplemental fluoride may cause some adult bone to be more brittle and fragile, and thus more prone to fracture (New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 322, pp. 802-809, 3/22/90).

Until the risks and benefits of fluoride across the entire age range of the population are better clarified, shouldn't we hold off adding fluoride to our pure water from the Smith River?

Finally, those who believe it beneficial can take fluoride supplements on an individual basis.

Michael Moss, Harbor, Ore.

McNamer owes Gitlin apology for calling him a radical

Thank you Triplicate, for reinforcing my decision to support Roger Gitlin for District 1 supervisor!

Not only did your Sept. 29th article, " Gitlin seeks local office, but with a global twist," validate, but beyond that it expanded my appreciation of his commitment to traditional American values. I had no idea of his activism in Southern California or his authorship of articles published in the West Ranch Beacon and Santa Clarita Beacon.

Twisting his words to suit an agenda, at least one detractor has labeled him a racist. Since when has expressing one's opinion of the deteriorating political process and the minions of decay fomenting it been considered radical? This man stands in no man's shadow - he creates his own.

Nearly lost in all the Triplicate's front page flam is the lonely figure of Leslie McNamer, about whom there is little to say. Does that make her the better candidate for District 1? In calling Mr. Gitlin a radical, does Ms. McNamer not know that there is a difference between stating that a person holds radical views andbeinga radical? That describes the likes of Bill Ayers, the unrepentant former Weather Underground terrorist.

That accusation demands an apology to Roger Gitlin.

In reading and rereading the article I have as yet to see where the "global twist" angle as relates to Roger Gitlin's politicization. The limits of his focus as presented by the Triplicate covers local, state and nation. Global concerns are not voiced in the article. It appears that is an over-reach by an excited staff writer.

Dianna Riedel, Crescent City

Flaws in argument against how we say county's name

I read with interest the Oct. 4 letter, "Let's learn to say the county name correctly," about pronouncing "Del Norte." I am curious if the letter writer wants to extend this criticism of pronunciation to the many other cities, counties and states around this country that have been given a local pronunciation that does not match the letter writer's description of "Spanish."

There are many different ways to pronounce words in English. Familiar dialects include pronunciation in Britain, New England, the American Southern states, New York, etc.

What type of Spanish are we using as a guide? Castillian, Mexican, Southern American dialect?

As an example, my father was born in Los Angeles. The modern pronunciation of "Lahs An-jel-is" does not correspond to correct Spanish pronunciation. The "o" in Los in pronounced "ah". The "g" or "j" sound should be a silent "h."

Well, it looks like the pronunciation is off, but there is no big cry to change it. Perhaps we in this great county should just accept our differences and let a quirky pronunciation of Del Norte be something that unites us.

Susan Wellman, Crescent City