Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Gitlin's conservative views the reason I support him

I am writing this letter to express my support for the candidacy of Roger Gitlin for the 1st District of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors. I have known Roger for a number of years and will speak of his positive attributes that he will apply to this important position, rather than the name-calling and labeling that I have surprisingly been observing lately in letters to the Editor. Please note that the vast number of letters that oppose Roger spend a lot of effort denigrating him and very little space speaking of positive qualities of his opponent, except to note that she has been a long-time resident of this County.

I have long been aware of Roger's opinion pieces that have appeared in various blog sites and basically agree with most of his conservative views on the offensive expansion of government upon our personal lives. I support his position on personal responsibility, freedom of choice, opportunity and beliefs. Calling him names for positions he takes is a common tactic used by people unable to defend policies and actions or lack thereof by those they chose to support for political office.

If you reside in the First District, you undoubtedly have been personally contacted by Roger in his effort to gain your vote and support.This daily door knocking is an example of his enthusiasm that he will bring to the supervisor position. His past business experiences will be useful in his efforts to bring jobs and an improvement in the private business environment within our county. His education and teaching experiences provide him with the people and communication skills needed to be an effective representative for the citizens of his district and for all of us that reside in Del Norte County. His past and current participation in volunteer work demonstrates his dedication to improving the lives of others.

Roger is a problem solver who will utilize his enthusiasm and initiative to turn this county in a more positive direction. His position on the Board among like-minded thinkers can make a difference for our future. I urge you to vote for Roger Gitlin.

Bruce Barber, Gasquet

Don't let pesticide companies bully you over GMO foods info

Monsanto and other pesticide companies are spending more than $1 million a day on TV ads, radio spots and expensive glossy mailings to convince California voters that it's not in their best interest to know whether the food they eat is genetically engineered.

Did GMO-laden food appear on your table due toyourconsumer demand? Me neither.

Take a good look at who the opponents of Proposition 37 are, printed at the bottom of their brochures. Virtually all are pesticide manufacturers or food processors and distributors. Together, they have grossly disproportionate influence on public attitudes through massive contributions to advertising revenue and to politicians' campaign funds, and therefore easy access to media and government.

There are serious concerns as to GMOs' effects on our health and environment. For example, they have devised means to put fish DNA in our strawberries to keep them from freezing. What are the effects of crossing animal and plant species genetically? This is so far beyond anything that has occurred in nature that we can't even imagine its consequences. If we go in and mess with genetic make-up, what does that do to the delicate, natural genetic balance that has evolved over eons to protect and enhance life-forms? Who knows what else is in the works with this virtually unchecked technology, unless we call them to account?

Some 61 other nations around the world, including the European Union, already require simple labeling of foods that are genetically engineered. Why? Because unlike us they have had adequate information. This technology has been foisted on Americans without discussion, adequate peer-reviewed study or a sufficient period in which to evaluate consequences. An alarming preponderance of foods we eat already contain gmo components.

Other thoughts: giant pesticide and food producers may defeat this initiative, but win or lose, Proposition 37 will have raised this issue nation-wide. It has also spurred the move to organic foods and the spread of local farmers' markets, which can only be to the good. The drawback is that we end up with a two-tiered food economy: many can't afford to buy healthy food; and many of us resort to cheaper, less nutritious processed food because our way of life doesn't afford time to prepare healthy meals.

Ralph Johansen, Crescent City

Calling on community to help CAN help neighbors in need

I used to do community service at the Community Assistance Network (CAN). This place gives out weekly food boxes to needy families. Just from my own experience they have helped me and my family with food and housing, clothing, toiletries, etc., on numerous occasions when my family and I were in need.

Working at my new job at Walmart, I found out from the wife of the supervisor (Dave) at CAN that they are in great need of help to keep the program going.

Dave gets a little food from Safeway, Ray's, Grocery Outlet and Shop Smart to make boxes to give to needy families, all on his own right now. He needs help.

I am calling on the community right now to help save CAN. Any donations or time that can be donated will help. I have started this, on my own will, to save a program that has helped this community so much along with my own family.

Stacie Wells, Crescent City