'Fix-it' man could take a lesson from 'Tool Time'

Should we all be singing the lollipop song? Are the good munchkins of Crescent City singing because the wicked witch is dead? I for one will miss Donna Westfall at the City Council meetings. My hope is that our City Council will come together to fix the many problems facing the city.

Next, there is Roger Gitlin, the "fix-it" man. I hope people will remember "Tool Time" Tim Allen. I hope Roger will develop a good toolbox. He'll need it.

Mr. Gitlin I hope you can find a Mr. Wilson. You will need to listen to all kinds of people from the left and the right.

We need to put Del Norte on the map and create jobs that will take all the people.

Richard Miles, Crescent City

Lowering graduation requirements a travesty

Is the School Board trying to cause recidivism where there need be none? Regarding the Oct. 30 article, "Grad Requirements lower for some," I am disgusted and quite appalled!

Why on Earth would they lower requirements for the kids who need most to have things on an even keel with other students? These arenothandicapped kids andhellip; these are kids who have gotten into trouble. They are already at a deficit, considering many have dropped out of school or ditched so much they're eons behind.

Lowering the graduation requirements for these students is a travesty and only serves to set them up for failure in the future! Bad Board!

Teri Markanson, Crescent City

We can still vote no on GMO food with our wallets

The vote was "no" on genetically engineered foods labeling. At least for now.

But we know not to drink sodas or any other corn-based product from the food giants, anyway.

In the meantime, I will vote every time I shop. I can still buy my eggs from Stephanie (Alexandre), get my milk from Joey (Borges), and my fresh produce from Paul and Julie Jo (Ocean Air Farms).

Jon Parmentier, Crescent City

Sandy beginning of the end of world as we know it?

The super-storm (Sandy) that ravaged the East Coast is a portent of things to come! The Earth is out of kilter for several reasons. While politicians debate whether or not global warming is a fact, glaciers around the globe are disappearing at a rapid rate. Arctic ice is also rapidly disappearing, causing ocean levels to rise.

The Industrial Revolution, which began over 100 years ago, is a major factor that causes toxic pollutants to contaminate the atmosphere. Astronomers have determined that the axis upon which the Earth rotates is wobbling, otherwise known as the Chandler effect. The electromagnetic field that protects Earth from harmful radiation is rapidly diminishing. These factors contribute to destabilizing Earth's atmosphere.

Another piece of the puzzle contributing to a destabilized Earth can only be found on the Internet. The Internet has a listing under: Al Kay + Planet X. Check it out! I was interviewed on blog talk radio about the presence of Planet X in our solar system. This mysterious celestial body will be visible to everyone very soon. I contend it is the most important influence in threatening Earth.

Edgar Cayce, also know as the Sleeping Prophet, predicted cataclysmic Earth changes around the turn of the century, as did Nostradamus. Other major recent geological changes are also occurring such as long dormant volcanoes becoming active, huge sink holes in various parts of the world, lands being inundated because of rising sea levels, glaciers melting everywhere and earthquakes of higher magnitude.

I anticipate other super-storms devastating the East Coast this winter. Is this the beginning of the end of the world as we know it?

Al Kay, Crescent City