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Why I'm a Republican and why Dems make trouble

A very good friend who just happens to be a Democrat asked me recently after the (thank God it's over) election, "Why are you a Republican?" which made me start thinking, why am I a Republican? After some thought I came up with my answer.

Do you wonder why we have to stop working on our harbor by Nov. 15

and can't start again until June? (Where's our resident costal commission person?) Do you wonder why

we cant dredge our harbor, and if and when we are allowed to we have to barge all the dirt from here to off of Eureka?

Do you wonder why we can't breach Lake Earl when it's flooding homes?

Do you wonder why the Forest Service is trying to block off most of our roads in our wilderness?

Do you wonder why the government is trying to close many of our shorelines to fishing? Do you wonder why there are so many rules and regulations when it comes to fishing on our river? Do you wonder why they're trying to remove all the dams from all the rivers? (Where do you think you get your electricity and what do you think your electric bill is going to do?)

Do you wonder why we can't fly a helicopter out to work on St. George Reef anymore?

Do you wonder why you have to pay a $150 tax for fire protection when you live near town?

Do you wonder why you can't walk (your) dog in the redwoods or around Lake Earl or down Enderts Beach?

Do you wonder why it's taking so long to build our new airport and costing millions and millions of dollars?

Do you wonder what happened to all of the lumber mills that were here at one time and how many people they employed or how big our fishing fleet was? Do you wonder why you can't cut your trees on your own property?

Do you wonder why gas here in Crescent City is 75 cents a gallon more than Brookings? Do you wonder why you can buy a gun in Oregon within a few minutes but have to wait two weeks here?

You know I could go on and on. I would venture to guess that everything I spoke of above is controlled by and or was caused/created by a Democrat/liberal/environmentalist, and I'm sorry but yes all three go hand in hand. Is it any wonder that our country is in debt and not working? How do we fix it? It saddens me to say but we probably can't. And the reason for that is that there's a bunch of you out there that are jumping up and down and smiling happily about it all.

Mike Cuthbertson, Gasquet