Devious anti-fluoridation unfair to county residents

I'm worried about fluoridation being taken away from a whole county's municipal water supply.

It is unfortunate that Measure A passed, for it is impossible to prove a negative thing - that present fluoridation was not toxic or harmful. That is what Measure A has demanded of the company that makes the once-added hydrofluorosilicic acid. It is devilishly clever; yet very self-serving to put upon an entire county the desires of about 500 or so citizens who voted to eliminate fluoride from our drinking water (if supplied to your home by the city water system).

Voters who said yes to the "clean" water measure likely as not did so with no background in any biochemistry.

On the bright side, all one has to do to circumvent the withdrawal of a very beneficial addition to most municipalities' water supply, to prevent cavities, is drink Sam's Choice soda, preferably diet. It has three bottling plants, all using tap water that is fluoridated either naturally or added.

Shame: My son who has Down syndrome must go through hospitalization to receive any dental work such as having a cavity filled.

I would hope some entity with funding would reverse this silly removal of fluoride by use of scare tactics.

Sure, there are reports of all sorts on the internet, but when fluoride is linked to lower IQ's, I really have to shake my head.

One can also get fluoride as a prescription; which is why my sons are generally already highly resistant to tooth enamel decay. It was administered in their baby formula by me, so as to enable the addition of fluoride into the "tooth buds" of the adult teeth as they are soft and incorporate the fluoride into the enamel in the first few years of life. So one of my kids never has had a cavity; he certainly is not stupid either.

Hilary John Herman, Crescent City

Bittersweet farewell for Zottola leaving Chamber

This is a bittersweet farewell to our Gina Zattola. Crescent City/Del Norte Chamber of Commerce has benefited from the fruits of Gina's labor; indeed, our community is a better place to work, live, play and grow thanks to Gina.

Gina's combination of talents, skills and passion elevated the Chamber's purpose and mission to an unprecedented level. During her tenure we witnessed events growing dramatically, brining in people from near and far and increasing revenues for the city and county. Business members benefited from her vision of "Valued Added" from membership with workshops and mixers.

It has been an honor to work with Gina on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, where her organizational skills and strong ethics helped guide us successfully each year.

Gina is a shining example of a "Local Girl Makes Good" for youth in our community leaving the nest to pursue their dreams and ultimately coming home to their roots.

Wild Rivers Community Foundation is gaining our jewel by the sea.

Here is wishing you all the best, dear Gina.

Kathryn Murray

Mayor, City of Crescent City