Contrary to letter-writer Lois Munson ("GOP endangers us," Nov. 20) and President Obama, Republicans don't want dirtier air and water. We love our children, all of them, and we don't abort less than perfect kids. Nor do we believe in late-term and partial-birth abortion.

Now gender selection has become the latest fad. Have American women become no better than ... what? No animal, no so-called "heathen," has ever stooped so low. I forgot, women in China are forced into all of the above.

Roe v Wade is the law, approved by the Supreme Court a long time ago, and it will probably never change. American women, especially young American women, must have slept through school, because they believe it when the left tells them that the first thing a Republican president will do is cut off their "right to choose" and birth control pills. Four years ago they were even positive that a Vice President Palin could do it. They do still teach American History and Civics in schools, don't they?

Republicans believe in the ideals of our founders. That we are "One Nation Under God." That the Bill of Rights ensures states' rights and small government.

Let me give you a little bit of Republican history: The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln. Because, like that beloved president, we wanted to end slavery. It was the Democrats who fought it. It was the Republicans in Congress who helped Lyndon Johnson pass the War on Poverty and Equal Rights bills.

Need I remind you that Martin Luther King was a Republican?And by the way, many of his followers and supporters were some of my wealthiest customers. Even taking time from their vulgar business endeavors to go and march with him!

While I am talking about the "wealthy" business owners, $250,000 is not rich.These people file personal, not business tax returns, they are trying to keep their business in the black, satisfy a growing number of new rules, regulations and taxes, and keep their employees working. Contrary to what you hear, they care about their employees and want to see them prosper. It's a win-win situation.

The reason capitalism works is that when more people have jobs, more people pay taxes, lower taxes, and the country prospers. The government is solvent.

You can verify the numbers: any president who cut taxes, including John F. Kennedy, saw prosperity. It's out-of-control spending that causes insolvency and the need to borrow. Same as any household, just a bigger credit card. When people can't, or won't find jobs, they must depend on the government for help, they don't pay taxes ... (weallshould pay a fair share), when that happens, the government goes broke.Just like a family.

Republicans don't want to cut down all the trees, fish the sea bare, or use up all the oil, we want responsible lumbering, fishing, and to use our own oil, not buy it from people who would destroy us, while researching alternatives. Viable, affordable alternatives.

If you were able to go back in history, and check the rolls, I am sure you would find that the lumber, oil, and whatever other barons you could name ... were pretty evenly split politically, just as they are now.

Jeffery Imelt, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates,are all Democrats. Oh my! These men will offer to pay higher taxes, but they all know it' just a drop in the bucket. All of the wealth in this country would only keep it running for a few weeks, then it's all gone.

If you agree to higher taxes on them, it will trickle down to all of us. The president has spent the last four years spending money we don't have, and inciting class warfare. The Republican answer is more business, more jobs, more people paying a fair tax, which means more money in our own pockets, and in the federal coffers.

This county is one of the poorest. The policies of the Obama administration and that of Jerry Brown have and will make it poorer. What will those "vulnerable" citizens do when the cost of everything goes up, because of higher taxes on the producers of goods, along with the additional California sales tax?

In closing, I will say it again ...

Republican women are conservative, they care about their world, their community, their families, the poor and the vulnerable, they are intelligent and study the facts, and they don't vote with their body parts!

Virginia L. Walworth is a Crescent City resident and president of Federated Republican Women.