Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Triplicate website not timely

The Triplicate guidelines for submitting a letter state that consumer complaints will not be accepted. I will let the editor decide if this letter is a consumer complaint.

I have lived in this county for more than two decades and have relied on the Triplicate to provide me with local news as well as national headlines.

I enjoy the articles written by local writers, I really miss Inez Castor. While I have never been a subscriber, as I did not want another plastic mailbox in front of my house for vandals to prey on, I do put coins in machines around town to buy editions that seem to have articles about something relevant that piques my interest.

My big beef is with the really lame online site that is not updated in a timely fashion. Come on Triplicate. I can go online and read any big city paper in its entirety, but I can't pull up the current local news on your website.

Put the paper online and get some advertising and it will pay your bills and I won't have to buy the Saturday "Trip" for my birdcage.

Kim Charette, Crescent City

'Happy Holidays' sounds dull

Is the emblematic phrase "Merry Christmas" disappearing from the American lexicon?I hear it spoken less and less often each winter I inhabit this Earth.

It would appear the iconic greeting remains under assault and in my opinion, those who practice political correctness are determined to supplant Merry Christmas with the bland, colorless acknowledgment of the season: "Happy Holidays."

I don't share that view.

I like to hear the salutation: "Merry Christmas." As a Jewish man, I am not an all offended by those who greet me with "Merry Christmas." Even though I celebrate Hanukah, I actually enjoy hearing someone wish me a "Merry Christmas." I guess I am just old school.

It would seem the big box stores in the big cities specifically train their retail staff to wish their customers "Happy Holidays." The phrase "Happy Holidays" is just so generic, dull and featureless. The landscape surrounding "Happy Holidays" is so Zhivago-esq. There is just such a lack of warmth exuded in verbalizing the words: "Happy Holidays."

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" is so inviting to the ear. I really like to hear those greetings. If you wish someone "Happy Holidays," he or she may not know whether you are wishing them Happy Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Happy Virgin Guadalupe Day, Happy Winter Solstice Day, Happy Boxing Day or Happy Kwanzaa, or the iconic Merry Christmas.

Let's bring back the merry in "Merry Christmas."

Del Norte County: I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a very Happy Chanukah, and a wonderful healthy New Year.

Roger Gitlin, Crescent City

Editor's note: Roger Gitlin is supervisor-elect for Del Norte County District I.

Unprofessional game warden

In regards to bringing more tourism into Crescent City, fishing is one of our biggest draws. I have a high respect for the law and those who serve and protect us.

Over the years I have met many working in Fish and Game who do an excellent job, but as of lately I have met up with one game warden in particular who needs help with his people skills.

What started out as a peaceful day on the river turned into sheer frustration. My dad was up for the weekend, an avid trout fisherman ready to catch his first salmon. It was early morning, rainy, cold and overcast.

Fifteen minutes later my dad landed a beautiful salmon. He says, "Oh let me mark it on my card, is it a hatchery or a native?" I told him, "It's a native." So in the cold, dark morning he marked his punch card.

We then took some pictures together, and were storing some good memories until the game warden called me over to the bank. No, "Hi men, how's it going this afternoon?" Just the same hard-nosed approach as my previous encounter with him a few weeks before when he had screamed as loud as he could from the woods at me and my clients.

So I rowed over to the shore with a sigh, not knowing that my dad had mis-marked his card by accident. The game warden said, "I need to see your dad's fish." So I pulled the fish out of my fish box. He then stated, "I need to have his fish." My dads friend asked the warden, "You can take his fish?" The warden stated, "Yes I can!"

I truly felt like he was trying to provoke me to say something stupid. I didn't bite, so he gave the fish back.

Professionalism goes a long way to promote tourism. My question to the reader is, how do we want our revenue-bringing tourist to remember our area? My dad's ticket was marked as a violation 5.87 (c), which only applies to the Klamath-Trinity River System. We were fishing on the Smith!

My dad marked the wrong day and the game warden marked the wrong river! Dad was excited over catching his first salmonever- what was the warden's excuse?

I'm a firm believer that if you give respect, you get respect.

Jim Mitchell, Crescent City