Letter criticizing DA was right and long overdue

In her Dec. 1 letter, "Spare us DA's ramblings," Karen Olson is spot on, I'm glad someone finally spoke up and said what many of us are thinking.

It is very annoying to attend a public assembly and having the district attorney grab the microphone and give his standard spiel of what a great guy he is.

Jon Alexander, the election is over. The newsprint space the DA takes up with his opinion of what a great guy he is would be better utilized by your staff investigating subjects such as what happened to the fire tax we sent to Sacramento? Is there a chance it will be returned? What is the status of the lawsuit? How will the tax be spent? What is the status of the Assembly bill to repeal the tax? An Assembly bill was submitted, then the Assembly went on vacation just before this last election.

These same Assembly members voted in favor of the tax in the first place. Inquiring minds want to know. And thank you, Karen Olson, for your words.

Joe Lacey, Crescent City

Letter was shameful attack on Alexander

Regarding your only letter to the editor shamefully published in the Dec. 1 issue("Spare us DA's ramblings"), spare us any further scathing rhetoric!

Karen Olson's letters are reaching out a little too far now, attacking people of this county. "50 kool-aid drinking followers"? Why this letter was even published is a big question. There are clearly stated rules and the Triplicate was riding a fine line.

It is obviously another feeble attempt to discredit Jon Alexander just one more time. I must say that Ms. Olson clearly has not done her homework. District Attorney Jon Alexander has many supporters and I'm not sure who those "50 kool-aid drinking followers" could be.

It's time to just knock it off and let justice prevail. In support of your endeavors, Jon, keep up the good work you are doing for the people in our county.

Joni Forsht, Smith River

Witty column restoresa healthier perspective

It is often that I approach the newspaper with a mental image of fending off the demons of the absurd.

Double taxation of Crescent City citizens to access 911, jewelry stores giving away free rifles with the purchase of trifles, not to mention lunatic heads of state threatening to unleash chemical weapons (or so we're told).

What next?

Then I read Matthew Durkee's Dec. 4 Vista Point column, "DN place to be after apocalypse," and am restored to a healthier perspective by his writing and wit. Keep it coming, Matt, apocalypse notwithstanding!

Diane Blackberry, Crescent City