As your outgoing mayor for 2011/2012, I want to thank the community and my fellow City Council members for the honor bestowed upon me and highlight some of the projects we have achieved together:

Last year's Christmas celebration started off the season with Santa landing in a helicopter dazzling kids of all ages thanks to the Business Improvement District efforts.

Former Mayor Charles Slert unexpectedly resigned, bringing us Rick Holley in an appointment to the City Council.

The city became more involved with the California League of Cities Redwood Empire Division, and I was appointed to the Legislative Committee, Richard Enea continued his appointment to the Public Safety Committee and we attended the quarterly conferences in Lakeport, Eureka and hosted the meeting here in July offering us an opportunity to showcase the city with tours of the area and facilities in addition to becoming involved with the Coastal Cities group in an effort to work in a more homogeneous nature with the California Coastal Commission and the amendments to our Local Coastal Plan.

All of these efforts brought us greater exposure for the city at the state level.

In a public/private partnership, we filmed and launched a media campaign with "Today in America."

Efforts to recover from the March 2011 tsunami saw the city using the $10,000 it received from the "We Hear You America" award for material while the grant administered through Rural Human Services supplied the labor with city staff training and supervising those displaced.

We held Front Street and Beachfront Redesign workshops resulting in a Master Plan for Front Street making us eligible for future funding with Beachfront Park's Master Plan nearing completion.

Tsunami Landing was removed as a safety hazard, making that area of downtown much more attractive to foot traffic and the fountain became a nice focal point once again.

The city garnered funding for the Fire Hall retrofit and the funding to improve infrastructure at Shoreline RV Park, which will generate more revenue as an enterprise fund for the city.

The city adopted a Strategic Plan helping us to set priorities and stay on track while becoming more pro active.

The city launched an Attendance Recognition program in order to complement the school district's Strategic Plan to improve attendance with our students.

We held graduation and recognition ceremonies to recognize the value and efforts of our volunteer firefighters and Explorers.

In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and sponsorships we held record-breaking Fourth of July and Sea Cruise events and finally established a Film Del Norte in order to bring more revenue to the community.

SBDC graduated over 30 small businesses in its flight programs through city-funded CDBG grants.

We saw an increase in the number of Art Walks, which support local artists.

At our last meeting our Public Works Department highlighted the numerous achievements it has accomplished. We are most fortunate to have such a hard-working team

In addition, we have the strongest, most talented and dedicated city staff in the country and without them, none this could have been accomplished. Thank you!

Lastly, we had an exciting campaign and election both here locally, and at the state and federal levels. Thank you to my fellow candidates for running a clean campaign and to our citizens for taking an active role in this process.

As I said, it has truly been an honor to serve as your mayor and council member and I look forward to the next four years.

Kathryn Murray is a member of the Crescent City Council.