How can Sutter Health continue stonewalling?

Sutter Coast Hospital has served our community for over 25 years. Another way of looking at that for me is that SCH has operated and managed a monopoly on health care in Del Norte County for over 25 years and that monopoly has included lucrative tax advantages.

Now, because of economic changes, the "powers that be" at Sutter Health, a not-for-profit organization, want to downsize our community hospital and limit access to local health care because, they say, of potential future financial losses.

I know the members of the Board are our community members too, and our neighbors. They care about health care in Del Norte and Curry counties as much as we all do. What I still don't understand though is how, after almost a year of opposition to this "regionalization" business, the Board and "'powers that be" at Sutter Health can continue to stonewall the community and refuse to engage requests for public information or question and answer sessions.

What do they have to hide? It seems at this stage, they are focusing more on the financial aspects for Sutter Health than our local community's access to health care! Should regionalization go forward, Sutter Health will continue to prosper but our local health care will definitely suffer.

We need more health care services in our rural community (e.g. chemotherapy and dialysis),nota smaller hospital!

Roxie Hazard, Smith River

Need that $100 I lost

that hasn't been returned

Not all strangers are kind.

In December 2010, I lost a $100 bill on the ground in Brookings near Gocery Outlet or near some store in Crescent City.

The Del Norte Triplicate atthat time was kind enough to run a lost ad free for me for three days. But no one called us to return the money to me.

You know who you are: not honest. We could sure use that money now.

Thanks to the Triplicate; it is a great newspaper.

If you'd like to return my $100 you can call the newspaper to get my phone number.

Karen Leven, Smith River

Homeless shelter failed, so let's try bus tickets

Regarding the Dec. 11 letter ("Homeless shelter concept") we tried that, remember? At the fairgrounds, remember? All the stories in the paper about the violence? A shelter you say? Ha! We do not want that.

You want us to donate land, time and materials? No. Most of us won't.

A better solution, one we can afford, would be bus tickets south where the weather is warmer and shelters are available.

Go south to the land of the bleeding heart! Or you could just let them stay at your house.

Just saying what most people don't have the nerve to.

Jack Brown, Crescent City