Some of us like to hear what Alexander has to say

I'd like to respond to Karen Olson's Dec. 1 letter ("Spare us DA's ramblings") about DA Jon Alexander's pieces in the paper.

In it, it seems she complains about the DA writing anything at all. Obviously, she has a problem with him, which would be the case whether he wrote anything or not. She prefers he be censored, evidently. That would not sit well with me or a great many members of this community who voted for him and still stand by him.

Hundreds have voiced support for Jon, many more than the 50 "koolaid" drinkers she refers to (and I prefer Tetley British Blend, thanks). We are not blinded by the rhetoric and understand better than you give us credit for.

The DA is a man who is not always easy to understand and who is not perfect. Who among us is? But he loves and respects the law and has shown an unrelenting sense of purpose, drive and dedication to our small community.

And he loves to write and wax poetic or quote a lyric or two. So? Is that forbidden now? I don't think the majority of us have a problem with multifaceted individuals. He writes about life experiences, people worth knowing, and problems we all face.

I personally like to hear these things and, though I may not always agree, I can appreciate the viewpoint and humanity with which it was written or uttered. I don't feel put upon or threatened if Mr. Alexander wishes to speak. He is a passionate person and not one to sit there and say nothing or mutter under his breath.

I trust someone like that a lot more than those who would hide in the background and speak out of the side of their mouth. With Jon, you know what you're getting. He lays it out there for all to see. I respect that. Thank You, Mr. Wiens, for allowing all voices to be heard.

Linda Ehrisman, Gasquet

Content with hospital as it is; keep its jobs here

I write this letter to send special thanks to our local community and county leadership for their support and firm stand to maintain local decision making for our Sutter Coast Hospital.

It is so important in these difficult economic times to keep these jobs local and to not outsource them; to expand, not cut, medical services for our residents and tourists in our isolated region of Northern California.

As a 49-year resident of Del Norte County, I am proud and satisfied with our current hospital status and see no advantage to our becoming a Critical Access facility.

Get the message, Sutter Health!

Bill Maffett, Crescent City

Don't balance budget on the backs of our elders

Congressional Republicans want to balance the budget on the backs of this nation's elders. They say this is the only way.

At the same time, they refuse to allow taxes on the very rich to rise to the levels we had in the Clinton years. And they refuse to cut a bloated military on which the U.S. spends more money than the rest of the world combined in order to protect the global interests of ... you guessed it - the very rich.

Meanwhile giant corporations like GE pay no taxes but instead pocket tax rebates, i.e., subsidies.

There is something wrong with this picture. Everyday Americans are not that mean. Rank and file Republicans are not that mean. Another school slaughter reminds us that we ought to all pull together.

Please tell all the politicians - Democrat and Republican - to leave the programs on which our elders depend alone. Let's tell them instead to cut corporate subsidies, cut bloated weapons programs and close tax loopholes.

Felice Pace, Klamath