Sutter Health motivated by money, nothing more

Just when my friends and I were starting to breathe a sigh of relief, Sutter Health is back in the picture. It is not only back in the picture but it is still pushing to regionalize the hospital and turn it into "Critical Access." It reminds me of the schoolyard bully who just won't go away. It is very clear that Sutter Health is not thinking of our community and many of our doctors. The compelling reason for its persistence and determination is very simply the money involved and nothing more. It is certainly not concerned for us.

The community and most of our doctors do not want our hospital to be regionalized. Why, then, are our voices not being heard? We had heard that Asante Health System was very interested in our hospital and that sounded like very good news. We would not lose our hospital beds but gain the likelihood of more doctors and more equipment. Asante also has a very good reputation.

While Sutter Health "bigwigs" fly in on their corporate jets and decide what is "best" for our very rural community, they can then fly home and, if need be, go to the hospital of their choice.

Just because we are rural, do we need to lose what is a very important part of our lives? Let's not let Sutter Health make decisions,we do not want, for its own benefit. This is too important not to fight for.

Joy Johnson, Smith River

Purse stolen, but itcould have been worse

I have had two bad days, and if it wasn't for my daughters and son it would and could have been worse. You see my purse was stolen last night at the hospital ER.

This nice woman found my purse at a chair where I was sitting and started to take it to the counter and this man stopped her and said it was his aunt's. Well, the maintenance man went over the tapes and found nothing. But I want to thank the brave woman in the wheelchair who had pointed him out.

I had to change everything today and without the help of my grownup children I couldn't have gotten through today.

To make a long story short, I lost everything in that purse, including the new smart phone my husband purchased just last month for my Christmas and our anniversary gift. First one I have had in 10 years. It had a wonderful video camera in it and took great pictures.

But it could have been worse. I could have been beaten or shot like those poor children in Newtown, Conn.

I count my blessings today and I just want to say to the couple that took my purse, you must have needed it more than me.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Lydia Brown, Crescent City