Disgusted at theftof mobile dental van

Bah humbug to the person or persons who stole the industrial diesel generator, trailer and all, that was parked next to the Open Door Community Health Center Dental Van.

This mobile Dental Clinic was the result of a huge collaborative effort between the Community Health Center and the Building Healthy Communities Initiative. Del Norte County was selected as one of only 14 communities in California to receive funds to improve the health of our local residents. One of the biggest concerns raised was regarding the oral health of the children in our rural town.

The mobile clinic, dubbed the "Tooth Ferry," was providing access at the schools for our local youngsters to receive much-needed dental care and education on the spot. The generator ran the entire mobile clinic, which was virtually a rolling dentist's office.

It is going nowhere now. Whoever you are, I truly hope that you or someone you know have children who are struggling to eat, sleep or concentrate on school studies because they have dental pain. Maybe you will see that you have robbed from our most vulnerable and precious population, and return it.

Liz Carver, Crescent City

Don't blame guns; put prayer back in school

Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Does anyone realize this can also be linked back to the devil that deceived Adam and Eve? When God created Adam and Eve his world for them would have been paradise compared to what we have now.

This also leads to the first murder. Cain killed his brother Able. However, it was not with a gun, I am sure. We did not have guns back then. Was it a stone? Therefore, when we think about banning guns, let' also think of other ways that a person can kill another.

In the beginning of time, people were stoned to death for crimes committed. This was justified, of course, as they saw it was a way to take care of a sinner. Then we can see that knives were made at some point. Knives also can kill people.

So here we have two ways that killing has gone on for a very long time. Bow and arrows, guns were made one day and yes, this became an easier way to not just hunt and kill, people had to go to war because of boundary lines.

Then, of course, man made the automobile that can be used as a weapon if driven fast enough. Ahhh we cannot forget drinking alcohol. The olden days brought moonshine whiskey that was made from corn. Now it is mass-produced and we have many drunks on the road driving cars and causing deaths daily.

Therefore, I am saying this again: Guns do not kill people, people kill people. The devil who has deceived Eve also tries to deceive all of us daily. He works in those who will do his will. He wishes to kill or destroy anyone that believes in God.

The laws of this life apply to us all. We all know the Ten Commandments. However, we are all in survival mode now, trying to blame everyone and change the laws. Take away guns, you say? Then take away cars, alcohol, knives, bow and arrows, stones and cut down the trees so guns can't be mass-produced andput prayerback in schools.

Teach the children to love, honor and respect their elders. Teach the world over to stop killing and begin loving everyone.

This is not reality, either. Because the devil is having his play day until Jesus comes back.

Nancy Del Ponte, Klamath

Canceled flight concerns were lacking for too long

Regarding the Dec. 18 article, "Canceled flights cause concerns," where was our supervisor David Finigan when our flights were canceled?

There were 28 flights canceled in 2011, not a word until his flight was canceled!

Jim Morgan, Klamath