Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Cost and quality of life in Del Norte is lacking

I haven't written a letter in a long time because I honestly had little to say until now. Crescent City and Del Norte County are in a world all of their own and everyone wants to know why and I am included.

Hospital dramas that continue on and on. Then there is the communication problem. In no other populated area in this country is there restrictions on bundling services and that means that no one can bundle anything! Or having only one company delivering fuel making this one of the most expensive places in the country to live.

Crescent City has no real night life, which is hard for most singles or couples that want to go for an evening out. From the minute that Elk Valley started planning an event center I thought it would be so much fun; buy tickets to an event, hire a taxi or if it were multiple couples hire a limo. It never happened and so we are going out of town again along with other couples.

This area's loss is another city's gain. Young doctors that have come here have left for the same reason one doctor wrote about a little over a year ago, the one's before just didn't put it in writing.

For those that can, going out of town to see a doctor is just part of life and everyone I know including my family all have paid for ground ambulance and air ambulance coverage to be on the first flight out.

If and when that happens and we have to face the fact that we either have to rent a room, apartment or buy a house far from our homes it becomes a question of why live here. Then it is also time to wonder why we or anyone else really would want to live here over any other coastal community in this country where a person can have all services at an affordable price instead of here.

My question is, who made all of these agreements with all of these companies to lock up all of the services in this area and how can these contracts be broken for the good of the paying public? Who would have ever thought that Honolulu would have cheaper gas prices than Crescent City when the refineries are 360 miles away while Oahu is 3,000 miles away. Just asking ...

Brenda Johnston, Crescent City

California 'shell' game surprises pickup owner

Heres a warning to all you folks out there with a shell on your pickup. I've been driving in California for 40 years and it has always been understood that if you have a shell on your truck and never take it off that it was OK to register it as a passenger vehicle.

I just happened to get a shell for my truck a year and a half ago and did just that. Well I just got a ticket today by the CHP! I understand the Department of Motor Vehicles sent them a letter telling them that this is no longer allowed.

You would think that the DMV would have sent us all a letter telling of this change to the law and give us a grace period to get it done?

Now I have to have my truck reweighed ($15), relicensed ($?), take the proof into the CHP, and I have to pay a $25 court fee! Is California great or what! Happy new year!

Mike Cuthbertson, Gasquet