Put officer in downtown

I am aware of something that I would like to share with the readers of this newspaper.

Members of the Business Improvement District have asked my city to have more police patrols in our downtown area in the past. But have you seen an officer walking our streets?

The city, in all fairness, will tell you that the lack of law enforcement is caused by budget demands. There is one person on my City Council who would give a lot of our Transient Occupancy Tax funds to two groups, the Del Norte Visitors Bureau and to our Chamber of Commerce. Yes, Kathryn Murray.

My question to Ms. Murray: If our streets are not safe and there's been a bank robbery on one of our main streets, will people visit Crescent City?

I believe until we can protect our children in our schools and protect the people who make their home here, both the Chamber and Visitors Bureau should take a back seat to the amount of funding my city gives them.

My city needs to find a way to put an officer back in our schools and put an officer in our downtown area and our parks.

Richard Miles, Crescent City

Trouble with hospital board

My last update from Dr. Greg Duncan, chief of staff of Sutter Coast Hospital, was so degrading and appalling. When I heard that he was asked to leave the Board of Directors meeting it was disturbing to me.

We have many names on many petitions not to allow this regionalization to diminish our hospital. Why can't whoever started this mess get it through their heads that we don't want down-sizing done to this hospital? If this goes through, it will hurt many who have found it necessary to use this facility.

Regarding the patients who may have to be transported to another hospital, can this hospital afford to return us back home when we are dismissed?

Many seniors don't have family or friends who can pick them up. I am one of those seniors.

Why can't Dr. Duncan be a part of those board meetings? This hospital gets paid my medical and medicare. We have a right to know of any changes that are made. If this hospital is in the red, then someone is not doing their job and a change in that direction is needed. Many of us worry about the economy and all the cuts; do we have to worry about this, too?

I myself do not want to see this regionalization materialize. The people in this community have a right to know what we are facing.

Rita Moore, Crescent City

Paying compliment forward

I received a very nice phone call this morning, from a Mr. Shepard, thanking me for my letter ("Preventing shootings," Dec. 29). It's always nice to hear that someone appreciates your efforts.

In saying that, I want to pay it forward and thank Jon Alexander for his very timely Coastal Voices piece ("With '12 in mirror, still a beautiful world"). Nice thoughts to end the year on.

Virginia Walworth, Crescent City