Prevent closing jetty with better warnings

Regarding "Risky rescue on jetty," Jan. 1, well, here we go again! People rescued from jetty!

I have a feeling the stupidity of the few is eventually going to outweigh the desire of the many and someone is going to close off our jetty. I've been going out there for 45 years and have never had a problem, even when I was young and dumb! But I'm starting to think I had better get out there and enjoy it as much as I can before they do make it illegal.

Here's a thought. Make a sign that says, "STOP! WAIT! LOOK! If there is water on or waves breaking onto any part of jetty do not attempt to enter!"

You'll still get some idiots that disregard the sign and get in trouble, but it may save a few. Now the problem is keeping some punk from writing graffiti on the sign!

Mike Cuthbertson, Gasquet

Thanks for community's defense of hospital

I write with special thanks to the Del Norte Triplicate for printing letters supporting our community's fight to keep our hospital under local ownership. Also, thanks to our County Board of Supervisors, City Council, mayor, sheriff, district attorney, Board of Realtors, Healthcare District Board, Chamber of Commerce, senior center, United Indian Health Service and all the private citizens for the letters that they have written in support of our effort to stop Sutter Health from attempting to quietly take over our hospital for its profit.

Also, thanks to Dr. Kevin Caldwell and Dr. Greg Duncan, the only two independent voices which Sutter Health has recently allowed to sit in our hospital board room, for all the hours and "guts" they have given on our behalf in this fight against "Big Brother."

Remember everyone, Sutter Health makes its own decisions, which affect your health in a closed board room. Without a local newspaper willing to print this, most of us would never have known of Sutter's plans.

We have a chance for something good to come out of all of this. Now that fishing and timber have been "downsized" by forces beyond our control, let's not let Sutter Health downsize our hospital. We need to upgrade local health care, and Asante is interested in helping us. This is a critical issue for people considering moving here to work or retire.

Bev Hussey, Crescent City

We know its problems but love county anyway

Why do we love it here in Del Norte County? Oftentimes, words fail. We love it here.

We know about medical care problems, gas prices, homeless residents, etc.

It must be the air, sunsets, and caring, loving neighbors. We are here 21 years on purpose.

So if and when we meet, we will most likely love you. With wishes for a blessed new year to one and all.

Marlene and Gene Lyssenko, Crescent City

Better way to dispose of spiral light bulbs needed

When they first came out with the new spiral light bulbs we were told they could not be discarded with our regular trash, but the stores selling them would take them back for disposal. Well none of the stores selling them will take them back.

When I paid my bill at Recology and asked if I could return them there, they said no, I have to take them to the transfer station. That's a long way to drive just to dispose of a few light bulbs and I would certainly like to know how many people drive all of the way out there with nothing else to dispose of except light bulbs.

Maybe the Triplicate or some of the local merchants would be interested in providing this service to the community. I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated.

Laurel Marquart, Crescent City

Thanks to animal shelter for good work it does

After being away, my first stop even before going home was to pick up a 2013 tag for my dog. Little did I expect such a pleasant experience.

There was a young family with a beaming, smiling child taking home a small chihuahua-mix pup and even the staff seemed unusually happy.

Maybe between the child's smile and the fact that it's been over 440-plus days since an animal has been euthanized explains it.

My special thanks to staff and especially Ken for his leadership and commitment.

James Snow, Crescent City

Time to take down lights wasting public funds

With the financial hard times we are experiencing, nationally, locally and individually, I find it disturbing that the Fire District office on Washington Boulevard is still running Christmas lights day and night.

The holiday season is past, it's time to "take down the tree," which includes unplugging the pretty lights.

It must be costing the city/county, whichever pays the bills for the Fire District office, a fortune to run those lights 24/7 since Thanksgiving.

Let's save some money and put it to better use around the community; turn off the Christmas lights on all public buildings by the first of January.

Beverly Clensay, Crescent City