From the pages of the Crescent City American, January 1928.

Redwood trees will continue to shade the new section of the Redwood Highway north of Crescent City through the efforts of B.B. Meeks, director of the State Department of Public Works, and Ralph W. Buli, chairman of the California State Highway Commission.

The Save the Redwoods League raised funds for the purchase of a 20-acre tract of the redwoods along the highway. Del Norte County supervisors cooperated in raising enough money to buy the tract from lumbering interests who were logging off the land.

Car lost on beach

The Ford coupe driven by Wm. Crosley into the surf opposite Van's Auto Camp last Wednesday evening was lost in the sand and was a total wreck.

Bill, it seems, was down on the beach looking for clams when his car settled in the sand and before he could get help the tide came in and sucked it into the sand so deep that the wrecker car could not pull it out.

The accident occurred about 10 o'clock at night and due to the darkness, the driver could not see the surf and drove into it.

The Ravioli Shack

Last week, Mrs. Silvia Berri and Mrs. Harry Webber, proprietors of the Ravioli Shack on Radio Road, dissolved partnership and the Shack is now under the management of Mrs. Berri alone.

Mrs. Berri states that she will be glad to receive appointment orders from the public and will keep the Shack open on Saturdays and Sundays as before.

Meat market sold

Ray Chafey, who built and has operated a meat market at new Klamath for the past year, Tuesday sold his place of business to Ed Chapman, also of Klamath.

Mr. Chafey has sold his range land also to Mrs. Bernice Peini, which clears him of all his holdings in the county and in a few days he will move to Arcata with his family and will make his home there.

Crescent City Garage ad

1927 Ford Coupe, new tires, guaranteed in good condition. Price $275. Cash or terms if desired.

Slide holds up traffic

One-way traffic will be in force on the slide on the Redwood Highway near Patrick's Creek for some time, it is stated by J. G. Bromley, resident engineer, who Monday examined the extent of the slide. Mr. Bromley expected the road to be open Tuesday afternoon.

The slide is four miles past the Patrick's Creek Tavern and is estimated to contain about 100,000 yards of rock and dirt. The road was pushed well out into Smith River. It is the worst slide in the history of the road. The slide was about 300 feet in length.

Buys registered cattle

L.E. Cadra, one of the progressive ranchers and dairy men of the Lake Earl District, returned home the first of the month with three head of registered Ayershire dairy cows, which he purchased in Shasta County.

These have been added to his herd of dairy cattle, which makes six head of registered stock and a fine bull to head the herd. Mr. Cadra is now milking 28 head of cattle.

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