From the pages of the Crescent City American, January 1930.

What is said to be the coldest spell, for the Pacific Coast region, in the past 20 years, has visited Crescent City and the coast during the past week, and Crescent City people are suffering from the extreme cold that has frozen ice a quarter of an inch thick and yesterday failed to thaw all day where the ground was shaded.

During the fore part of the week, telephone communications were cut off from the outside world, due to the storms in the mountains putting telephone lines out of commission. Stages running in from Grants Pass were hung up for three days, where the snow was said to have been 3 feet deep. The Grants Pass country is blanketed under snow that is 6andndash;8 eight inches deep, the most snow for that section in years.

Snow reached down toward Crescent City as far as Gasquet and Patrick's Creek. Many people have driven their children out to see and play in their first snow.

It is true that Crescent City is having "unusual" weather, but unusual weather is existing all over the country. Alaska is enjoying spring while Seattle is shivering in sub-zero weather and Florida has had killing frosts. The weather just seems to be freakish this winter.

Old-timer is found

In a story written by Fred Lockley, in the Oregon Journal under the caption, "Impressions and Observations of the Journal Man," Mr. Lockley has found one Abner Hall at Helena, Mont., who claims that he was born in Crescent City on May 1, 1859, and that just prior to 1862 his father, Solen Hall, who then lived at Eureka, was county assessor for Del Norte County.

Mr. Hall now runs a little store in Helena, according to the article. According to the age of Mr. Hall, 70, he was born just four years after the founding of Crescent City, which was in 1855.

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

My girl's old man came back to town last week and had a whole pocket full of nickels that he wished to put into a slot machine and when he found that there wasn't any, he went home disgusted.

That night, when I went up, the old man started talking and we both went down cellar and the old man said that there is one thing that they haven't taken away from me yet so we had a little drink and then we had another little drink and by and by the old man said thanks to the old timers that founded Crescent City anyway.

Very truly yours, A Friend in Disguise

Large county map finished

County Surveyor Harry Malpas has just completed a large map of Del Norte County, the map being 12 feet square and in four sections.

The map is truly a work of art and one that will be of much service to the county as it is large enough to make all of the rivers, lakes, mountains and all other natural points clearly discernible and much easier to trace, as any place can easily be found. Mr. Malpas is to be congratulated upon his achievement.

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