We all expect that people will get confused from time to time - especially when we get older.

We forget things, confuse dates, and then have to realize that we goofed.

But at my house the reigning confusion is in the plant kingdom. I have two uncommon apple trees, called "single-stem" apples. They came from a nursery in Canandaigua, N.Y., nine years ago.

They're rather interesting if, like me, you find things that are different interesting. They do not have branches, but short "spurs" a few inches long. The blossoms come at the end of them, and the fruit is normal. One is a Macintosh, the other Golden Delicious. They grow, not in the ground, but in big pots in my back yard.

For some reason, the last couple years, we have had some "seasonal confusion" - they have bloomed starting in December! The first year that happened, I thought, "Well, that's all she wrote - no apples this year!"

But, another surprise was forthcoming - they bloomed again at the proper time, producing some nice apples (which, unfortunately, were made to disappear by some masked, ring-tailed bandits!)

Maybe they are just confused, moving from one side of the country to the other.

Sometimes people don't do so well when they are transplanted, either. Change can be hard, especially if it is a big change. Weather, culture, styles, the speed at which business is conducted can all be very different, inflicting a case of culture shock.

I remember when I came here the first time, back in 1977. After working as a nurse in New York state, which was very fast-paced, tight and stringent timewise on everything, the slower pace here drove me crazy at first. But I sure loved the climate, beauty, and the people.

There are pros and cons in everything, but the one thing I find some consistency in is faith. The Bible doesn't change. Oh, there are a variety of translations, but they say essentially the same thing.

When your world seems turned upside down by circumstances, you can find a place of peace in faith. And church can help you get to that place. Why not give it a chance?

andbull; On Sunday, Jan. 27, the movie "October Baby" will be shown at the Pelican Bay Evangelical Free Church at 160 Blueberry Lane. It will begin at 6:30 p.m., and an opportunity to help support the Pregnancy Care Center will be given at the conclusion of the film.

The story is that of a young woman who discovers she is the survivor of a failed abortion. It is one of inspiration and hope.

andbull; Giving is a quality that is reflected in our community in many ways. The Ladies' Auxiliary at New Life Community Church at 2nd and D has discovered a new way to help kids. It's called "Knit for Kids," and it is sponsored by World Vision.

It involves a simple sweater pattern, either knit or crocheted, in child sizes 2andndash;10. Patterns can be found on the Internet by typing in "Knit for Kids." The group also has some patterns at the church. Some of the ladies are working on them at the Tuesday Crochet class that takes place Tuesdays at 3 p.m. in the Sonshine House next to the church.

You will be welcome if you want to check it out - call me if you do, and I'll make sure there are some extra copies available. The patterns require 4-ply yarn and size I crochet hooks - unless you work loosely, in which case drop to an H.

To reach Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email