Idea of using wastewater to heat pool smells bad

How comforting to know pool users wont be swimming in wastewater ("Unique way to heat pool considered," Jan. 10).

With nearly a million dollars to be spent for design, excavation, installation and maintenance between the two buildings, payback time may be 15andndash;20 years. Installation of an electrically heated pool and building, expertly designed and installed, would seem to have a much longer life, not dependent on the wastewater plant and a shorter payback period.

I doubt there is another wastewater heated pool anywhere. The whole idea smells bad.

Bob Douglas, Smith River

Non-service dogs in stores is disrespectful

I live in Brookings so was pleased when the Walmart in Crescent City expanded to become a super-center and therefore offering an expanded grocery shopping opportunity.

On Sunday, Jan. 13, my friend and I visited Walmart. As we were shopping, we noticed, or rather heard, dogs barking. Upon approaching the check-out area, there was a woman with two small dogs in her cart. One was enclosed in a carrier in the basket and the other was sitting on a blanket in the child seat.

Both dogs were barking as the woman unloaded her items at the self-check, and proceeded to try and quiet the dogs by yelling at them to shut up. There were also words of profanity interspersed. These were definitely not service animals, and my friend and I wondered why these dogs were even in the store.

Then, as we were leaving with our purchases, we passed a line of people at the Service Desk and noticed a man with a large dog on a leash just leaving the counter. This dog was clearly not a service animal either.

On the entrance doors, there is a sign posted that service dogs are allowed in the store. Why do people think the rules are always for someone else? Pet owners should be respectful of where and wherenotto take their animals.

Karen Rogers, Brookings

Gitlin proves he is a wise choice at first meeting

Thank you to Roger Gitlin. In his first county supervisors meeting, "A not-so-consenting agenda for Board of Supervisors," Jan. 12, he has proven that he was a wise choice for the people of this county. He has the courage to say enough is enough.

The $3,000 that he voted against seemed to be an expense the people could do without. Whether you agree with him about the particular issue or not, seeing him clarify issues and have the courage to be the only dissenting vote on his first day in the seat, proves the voters made a good choice.

Thank you Mr. Gitlin, keep up the good work.

Darrin Short, Crescent City