Del Norte Triplicate Readers

We need large-capacity guns; alcohol our biggest problem

In response to the Jan. 17 Coastal Voices piece, "Yes, citizens do need large-capacity guns," I agree with this person's point of view.

I also wonder why our elected officials cannot deal with the worst of all child safety issues: alcohol.

There are 10,000 times more innocent child fatalities due to booze then all other fatal causes. Perhaps we need to ban large-capacity bottles.

Wait, that would hinder the amount of huge tax dollars earned from their sale. Scrap that idea. That would limit their funds for buying $1,000 shovels and $120,000 bathrooms in their personal homes.

Vote, but vote non-incumbent. They'll get the idea after a few years. Lose the partisan bickering.

Randy Hodson, Crescent City

Enough with inflammatory statements about guns

Regarding the Jan. 17. Coastal Voices piece, "Yes, citizens do need large-capacity guns," this is a call to encourage some mentally unhinged person to see this as a call to civil war.

Has the writer ever heard of our past civil war? Over 600,000 dead.

Why give a platform to such inflammatory, paranoid and delusional commentary?

Enough already.

Ernie Miller, Smith River

Huffman's position on issues can be found at website

If Dan Smith ("Rep. Huffman refuses to disclose his positions," Jan. 17) would go to the web site, he could find Congressman Jared Huffman's stated position on a wide variety of issues.

Project Vote Smart is a nonpartisan political information organization. It requests lawmakers and political candidates to state their positions on a number of current issues.For those who decline to provide their position statements, staff members of Vote Smart extrapolate those positions from voting records, comments in public speeches, and campaign materials.

Vote Smart also publishes voting records on major bills and ratings of lawmakers by a number of special interest groups. I recommend Vote Smart for reliable information on lawmakers.

Mary Jo Kenny, Crescent City

Triplicate doing a great job in hard times for publishing

I have just finished reading the Triplicate of Saturday, Jan. 19, and I had to respond. It was not a "hot" news day, but the edition is terrific!

The story by Jessica Cejnar on Mrs. Hinkley ("You never saw a better sport") is as good as it gets.

The piece by Matt Durkee on the foghorn of all things is quite creative.

And the photo by Bryant Anderson of the crab boats at night is a gem and ranks up there with his usual top-quality photos. You must have used a ton of ink to print all that night sky.

In short, I commend you for your efforts to keep Del Norte informed and in touch (the high-wave warning is an example).

It can't be easy to keep publishing in these difficult economic times. Hang in there. We need you, and your publisher, owners and staff are doing a great job.

Rick Bennett, Gasquet