Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Reasons why hospital should remain as it is

Sutter Coast Hospital should stay as it is, not be made into just a critical care center. My husband and I retired to Crescent City in 1998 from Sacramento, and the one thing we looked for was a decent hospital in this area and some good doctors.

If our hospital is not making enough money to suit the controllers in the Bay Area, they should sell it to Asante or another group that can make it


People in Crescent City cannot afford to travel to Eureka or Medford for care they cannot get from our local hospital.

Also, this hospital takes care of Pelican Bay prisoners when there is a knifing or something that cannot be handled there.

Just because this is a small county does not mean we don't need a hospital that can accommodate its citizens.

In San Francisco and in Sacramento, they have so many hospitals a person has no worry about the care they receive.

We need our hospital and our doctors in this area.

Faye Daly, Crescent City

We were sold a bill of goods on treatment plant

I believe we were sold a bill of goods over our wastewater treatment plant all along. Now the city has to face facts and tell the users the truth. We were told that we had to build our high-tech plant vs. the low-tech plant using the old mill ponds behind Safeway.

Did our City Council make a mistake going high-tech by not thinking green? Are the maintenance costs pointing out its mistake?

Then we were told by the former public works director that the treatment lab would pay for itself. I would like to see the numbers on the lab.

Why do city residents pay more than county residents? Common sense would say the cost should be shared.

I am aware that our water system needs major repairs because my city has sat on its hands. The cost has gone up. Maybe it's time county residents pay a little more for their water, too.

Richard Miles, Crescent City

We don't need 'Friends' impeding safety, airport

"Friends?" Are the "Friends of Del Norte" trying to hinder Caltrans' efforts to improve safety on Highways 199 and 197?

They did all they could to try to prevent airport improvement. Not satisfied, Caltrans seems to be their current target.

We don't need "friends" like this.

Warren Moell, Crescent City