Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Odd that American Indian Warrior mascot off limits

I hope we can chose a new inspiring mascot we can identify with while instilling pride and unity.

Sometimes an obvious identification is rightfully rejected because of the negative connotations that come with it. Germantown, Penn., is a good example. Some years ago, it banned all references to American Indians among its district schools. In response, it is notable that although the Germantown name has a natural affiliation, no mascot was chosen such as: Nazis, Jackboots, Storm Troopers, Brown Shirts, SS, or Gestapo.

We would be outraged to have our team called by any of those names. And rightfully so. It just seems odd to me that our American Indian Warrior mascot must be placed among the do-not-use list along with those names that provoke disgust or shame.

All this politically correct progressiveness first came to my attention in the '70s when Stanford University decided it was offensive to have an American Indian as a mascot. A tsunami of the perpetually aggrieved seemed to follow, determined to set straight the minds of all those who caused offense, as long as they could decide the terms, define the words and be the arbiters of what could and could not be allowed to stand.

I am Irish, though not Catholic, but identify with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame football. The desire to avoid all offense can get ridiculous though. We already have the Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. A new school in Canyon, Utah, was turned down for the selection of a cougar as a mascot. It might offend mature women. Maybe we should target Crescent Elk next.

Many of the athletes in our community, seeking a source of pride, not mockery or derision, have American Indian motifs on their letterman's, not some insipid flaming W.

Even Elk Valley Casino, a local tribally run endeavor, has some very handsome redwood carvings of what would appear to be Yurok warriors. Nice.

I agree with Coach Trone ("Old DN logo was just fine, respectful," Warrior Memories, Feb. 2). The "DN" is good enough compared to having some of these other suggested mascots tossed our way.

On the other hand, I do have a compromise to offer, We could name every team the Fighting Irish. I promise to not be offended.

Rick Kelley, Crescent City

Disgusted at authorities' lack of interest in case

A few weeks ago, I tried to report to proper authorities, some possible abuse being inflicted upon an adult, disabled male. I started by going to Adult Protective Services and then was directed to file a report with the Sheriff's Office.

The person I spoke with at APS was very kind, and I felt a ray of hope for this young man. My experience at the sheriff's station, however, sent me to my car crying.

The officer that attended to us was basically unwilling to listen to us and treated the young man with disdain and plain rudeness. I left sick to my stomach and there was no report filed.

Time has gone by and still, nothing has been done regarding the problems reported to APS. This young man's situation has gone from bad to worse and I feel afraid for him.

Even if the allegations are proven wrong, this man has a right to be heard. I am disgusted that no one in an "official" capacity has even bothered to try and actually investigate said allegations. My heart aches because I believe this young man's rights are being violated and the services that should be protecting him, are failing miserably.

Dixie Martin, Crescent City