The recent news has certainly been surprising! To hear that the Pope will resign - that hasn't happened in hundreds of years! But I think we have to give him credit for being willing to step down when he felt he would be unable to continue.

Once again, we will be waiting to see who is chosen to lead - perhaps a younger man who will be able to serve for a longer time.

I have to admit I am not very well versed in the Catholic faith, though many of my friends are of that denomination. It's things like this that afford me the chance to learn.

Though I grew up Baptist, I now attend a non-denominational church, which I really like. And groups like the Ladies' Christian Fellowship are just the ticket. The members of the group are from almost every church in town, and some from Klamath, too. Once a month, we enjoy getting together for good fellowship, a speaker and music-and contribute to a couple very worthy causes.

But the nice thing is, though we attend from many denominations, there are no arguments. Those differences are left outside the door. This month's meeting brought an inspiring message from Pastor Larry Read of New Life Community Church - and an absolutely beautiful song sung by Marilyn Pricer that we won't soon forget.

andbull; Pre-Easter happenings are beginning, and will increase as we get closer. There is a weekly class at the Crescent City United Methodist Church in the Fireside room on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. The class will study the beginning of the Christian faith, exploring the Holy Land through the lens of the season.

Those who attend are respectfully requested to use the rear door.

andbull; There is a pastors (and others) meeting scheduled on Feb. 21 at 8:30 a.m. at the Church of the Nazarene. Discussion will center on the Community Good Friday service, which is held at the church. Participants are from many churches, but the location on 2nd and D makes it very convenient for folks who work in town to use their lunch periods to attend.

The Community Sunrise service at Cornerstone will also be on the agenda.

andbull; The Smith River United Methodist Church Community Dinner on March 9 will be served from 5 to 7 p.m., and the menu will be the traditional dinner associated with St. Patrick's Day - corned beef and cabbage. There is no charge, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Are you familiar with the Sierra Service project? Young people, along with adult volunteers, volunteer their time to help repair homes and community centers. Watch for more information on this soon from Smith River Methodist.

What is your favorite hymn? Perhaps I can find the story behind it. Let me know, and we'll see! We sing those grand old songs, but how often do we even think what might have been the inspiration behind them?

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