With New York heading the draconian gun control laws in the country, California legislators rush impetuously to re-establish California as the trend setter in fashion and absurdity ("Lawmakers mull gun laws: If approved, would be the toughest in U.S.," Feb. 9).

Of course a complete ban on military "style" semi-automatic rifles is the backbone of the gun-grabbers' panoply of solutions to what is a far more complex problem. California lawmakers insidiously include semi-automatic rifles that incorporate detachable magazines to prevent quick reloading by a shooter. That ban would exclude a "grandfather" clause, thereby stripping current owners of all semi-automatic rifles of possession of their long-owned rifles.

Additionally, one of 10 laws being considered is a background check on the purchase of ammunition.

At the federal level, Sen. Dianne Feinstein's bill would seemingly cover semi-automatic weapons of all descriptions. A provision has even been suggested by a lawmaker whose name I did not record that went so far as to state that he wants to require that all guns be loaded a bullet at a time.

I can see it all now; gun owners of America will be returning to the trusty old flintlock. That has the salutary effect of reviving the flint mining industry, thereby creating new jobs!

When will the American electorate come to its senses and begin electing lawmakers with true zeal for the Constitution combined with common sense, or will it?

With New York and Chicago heading the list of squeaky tight gun laws for a decade or more still posting astronomical homicide rates beyond comparison with any metropolitan area in the U.S., one would think the message would begin to become clear: gun control only controls the gun, not the shooter. Gun control is and shall continue to be a worthless venture as a solution to eliminating or even reducing gun violence.

The flip side of the gun control obsession is, in my opinion, the true driver of the efforts to deprive American citizens of their weapons of self defense. There is a steady erosion of the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, notably our rights requiring a warrant for searches of our persons (think TSA gropers), and information mining via Internet, the requirement by the Affordable Health Care Act for family doctors to elicit information from patients regarding gun ownership andthe arrest and detention of citizens by the military of citizenswithacquaintanceships with people withpossible links to a terrorist-related organization (think National Defense Authorization Act).

The necessity of due process in depriving a citizen of the right to life now rests in the judgment of Obama who can, according to his recentexecutive order, call for a drone to unleash its missile payload on a suspected, unexpecting citizen anywhere outside the United States.

The list goes onwith the threat to our liberties. The single barrier to the ultimateoverreach by the Obama administration is the Second Amendment, and that is being assailed as never before in my lifetime.

When armed goons dressed in military-style uniforms are allowed to intimidate and harass voters at a polling place and are not prosecuted by the attorney general owing to their skin color, and the Obama administration's ATF engages in arms smuggling with a foreign drug cartel - the arms which were used to kill two American law enforcements agents as well as scores of Mexican citizens, and the attorney general thumbs his nose at a congressional committee with impunity, it is clear that we American citizens need our arms as guaranteed by the Constitution worse than at any time of any living person's memory.

"From my cold dead hands!" ...

Dale L. Bohling is a Crescent City resident.