Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Crime seem to be more prevalent in Del Norte

I have lived in Del Norte County since 1960 and worked here for almost 40 years. It was such a wonderful place to be in until all this crime and corruption started. I can't say when, but I believe it has been going on for quite some time now.

If you read the Triplicate, you will see what I mean. Read the police and sheriff logs, not to mention News of Record. I know that these crimes go on everywhere, but it appears to be so widespread in this small county.

Which brings up another topic I would like to speak about. After dark if you happen to be in the city limits, it is quite bright with all the street lights on. However, if you are outside those limits, it is quite the opposite. The county streets have no lights and most of them are so dark you can hardly see anything.

Maybe it is a coincidence, but it appears that most of the burglaries and car break-ins, etc., happen outside of the city limits. To me it appears that the city is more financially stable than the county.

What do ya'll think?

Georgina Larsen, Crescent City

Saying something nice: Alexander loved mom

Isn't life too short to bad-mouth others that try to do good things with their lives?

Sometimes people put others down to elevate themselves or perhaps out of envy or jealousy. But to quote my Archie Bunker-like father who always taught us, "if you can't say something nice, then just don't say anything."

I'd like to say something nice about our district attorney, Jon Alexander.

The first time I met Jon, he needed flowers for a dinner he was going to. I work at Safeway and did my best to wrap the roses, but I was just helping out in the floral department, so my best was terrible, but he was so grateful for my meager efforts.

That was seven or eight years ago. He would make almost daily visits to Safeway for flowers to take to his mother, who was in a care facility in Brookings.

I'd say when a son is that kind and considerate, number one, his mom did something right, and number two, it translates to a compassionate, hard-working district attorney who cares about justice.

Velma Rinehart, Crescent City

DNHS can stand tallas 'Redwood Warriors'

Regarding the controversy over the mascot for Del NorteHigh School, I'd like to submit the name "Redwood Warriors."

I'm sure players can stand as proud as a mighty redwood. Of course, only if it doesn't offend.

David Star, Albuquerque N.M.