Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Does anyone other than Sutter execs want this?

I would like to thank our local hospital board for its three separate votes in favor of regionalization, and its consideration of cutting the hospital in half to qualify for higher Medicare reimbursement under the Critical Access program.

You have done what has been considered impossible. You have united the Tea Party with the Democratic Party. The Independents and Republicans are on board too. You have united liberals with conservatives, city government with county government, and lawyers with doctors. Young people and senior citizens also see this the same. You have united Oregon government officials with California government officials, Curry County residents with Del Norte County residents. Our local Board of Supervisors is also united.

The creative talents of all the above are now working together to overturn your decision on regionalization, and block the move to Critical Access.

You cannot answer the simple question of how Critical Access will improve health care in Del Norte and Curry counties.

If you were to talk to Asante about running the hospital, instead of Sutter Health, there would be a shout of joy that would carry from here to Sacramento to Salem, Ore.

Please consider Asante. Sutter Health has lost all trust with the local community. Ask your neighbors and people that visit your business their opinion.

If anyone reading this letter wants to have a say in this issue, share your opinions with the local board members. Critical Access would reduce our hospital from 49 beds to a maximum of 25 beds, resulting in a loss of hospital employees and a large number of patient transfers - mostly by air - to other hospitals.

Does anyone other than Sutter executives want this?

Jim Buckles, Crescent City

Thank Mary Pfremmer, RIP, for free phone calls

A Feb. 21 obituary gave a thumbnail sketch of the life of Mary Pfremmer. She lived a full, active life, and a long life. One sentence caught my eye: "...went back to work in getting the toll off the phone lines in Del Norte County."

I wondered if anyone caught that, and if anyone realized the meaning behind those few simple words. Therein lies a tale.

After a time of being appalled about the intra-county toll on our phone lines, Mary decided she would try to do something about it. She worked at it for years ... against opposition from every government and utility entity she came across.

But she was a determined lady and she persevered. She set her mind and hung on and kept fighting. She never gave up, and finally she was successful: the toll charges were removed.

Now when we pick up the phone in Crescent City and call Smith River, there is no extra toll; no toll to call Gasquet; no toll to call Klamath. If you are in any of those communities, no toll to call from Klamath to Crescent City; from Klamath to Gasquet; from Klamath to Smith River, etc.

All our communities had to pay tolls to telephone any of the others in our county. Of course, these tolls were a huge source of revenue for the phone companies and the phone companies did not want to let them go.

Today when the citizens of Del Norte County want to call anywhere in our county, there is no extra toll charge. For that, dear Del Norte residents, each of you can thank Mary Pfremmer. Rest in peace, Mary. A job well done! And we thank you.

Elizabeth Freeman, Crescent City

County has more pressing problems

I enjoyed the March 5 Editor's Note column, "There's no such thing as a perfect newspaper." I think you are spot on.

After reading that the supervisors voted on the gun rights resolution ("Board backs gun rights," Feb. 28), I couldn't help thinking, we have so many more pressing problems and some were made to feel that they were disloyal if they didn't vote yes. Next I noticed an article a couple of pages in that headlined most Californians favor some kind of gun control ("Poll: Calif. voters favor controls on guns, ammo").

I was glad to read about the "Washed Ashore works of art" in Bandon (March 2). Itlightened my heart to read there are those who are helping to clean up our mess that has built up in our oceans, waterways and land. This is a positive act and that is what we need more of, working together for our common good.

We know what the answers are to a stronger America because we have history to lead the way. Many of them worked when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected and those policies will work again.

We have Egypt, Spain, Syria, Pakistan, Palestine and other countries who are showing us what austerity measures do to the populous. We hear about rising crime due to budget cuts.

Interest rates have never been lower. This is a good time to borrow and put people to work. After we've built those roads, maybe a high speed rail (please), bridges, stronger levees, green energy, better schools, reformed prisons ... get the picture?

We have a lot to fix. Then we can work on paying down the debt. Let's stop fighting, hold hands, and get to work.

Thank you for a pertinent and informative Del Norte Triplicate and all of you and your staff's hard work to educate us. Michele Grgas Postal's columns are inspiring, and I love House Calls.

Crystal Griffin, Crescent City

Hospital brings retirees;help us keep it here

My name is Maria White. My husand Roger and I moved to Crescent City in 2004. We chose this community for the geographical location, and more importantly, Sutter Coast Hospital, the physicians and the specialists located in close proximity to our retirement home.

As a concerned senior citizen I am writing you to ask for your help in preventing Sutter Health from taking over our local hospital.

Changing the services provided by Sutter Coast would have an enormous negative impact on both Del Norte and Curry counties. The population that would be affected is over 40,000 people, many of who made the decision to retire in Northern California and Southern Oregon for the same reasons we did - senior citizens looking for and needing medical services in the community they live in.

Traveling long distances for a medical appointment, or in an emergency having to be airlifted to another city, at a huge expense, is unacceptable and financially devastating for seniors on fixed incomes.

We desperately need to keep our hospital and the wonderful services at Sutter Coast.

Maria White, Crescent City

About that 'Bearded Men's Chorus' photo ...

I would like to respond to Roger Vance's Feb. 28 letter.I'm one of the local musicians in the picture he called the "Addie Meedom House Bearded Men's Chorus."

I am a 51-year-old (30-plus-year vet of the Bering sea crab fishery) and have played music on and off in Del Norte County since 1977 or 1978! I have no beard (at present) and this was not a chorus or even a musical number!

All musicians in the show (I was in two of the six acts) were asked to take a bow at the end, not sing or play anything.

Butch Cole, Crescent City