Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Tired of Dem-bashing; like dog park proposal

Since Americans do have the right to voice their opinions, here's mine: I'm tired of Democrat-bashing.

Just because things aren't changing quickly enough for some folks, and just because Edward Kennedy isn't alive anymore, doesn't mean that President Obama isn't an intelligent, thoughtful human being doing much better than "Mitt" would've.

It's awfully hard to change eight years of damage caused by that dolt, G.W. Bush.

After all, presidents aren't re-elected because voters didn't make the choice they felt was best.

And by the way, I think that a dog park at Beachfront Park is a wonderful idea. I'll happily pay a bit more tax to help.

Heidi Bauman, Crescent City

Time to close down

the Ruth Compound

This letter is about the Ruth Compound. I find that the compound has cost the state and Del Norte County money. This has gone on too long.

The 911 calls? Who pays for these? We do. And to find out the state paid for the cleanup at a cost of $500,000 for cans and rubbish, this is not right. And now someone has died ("Woman, 24, is killed in fire," March 12).

It is time to close it down. Sell it off for money that the taxpayers have to put out. And stop the crime out there. The Wild West is gone. How many more people will die and how much more taxpayer money will pay for this?

Clean it up, Del Norte. Stand up, Crescent City. Take your town back. Move them out.

Charles Blasingame, Crescent City

Glad to read hospital

is here to stay for now

Reading the paper this morning and seeing the good news on our hospital staying the way it is at least for the near future ("Hospital puts regionalization on hold," March 12) is something we have rallied behind.

We personally want to thank Dr. Gregory Duncan for his hard work in organizing this effort as it will certainly pay off in our future health care. We've had the best of care there and just the thought of being sent by air to some distant place is a horror we all don't need.

Hopefully the courts and arbitrators will honor the community's desires to maintain our health facilities just the way they are for a long time to come.

Bill and Carlina Horn,

Crescent City

Green Diamond plan would hurt fishing

Attention all fishermen and hunters: If Green Diamond Resources goes through with its plan to harvest our forests down to 27 percent retention, 73 percent of all trees gone, I'm sure our deer, elk, bear, ducks, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, eagles, hawks and every living creature will be diminished if not demolished.

They are planning to rake bare 400,000 acres in Del Norte and Humboldt counties. Read the Feb. 19 Triplicate, "Forum airs North Coast logging issues," and react fairly.

Misty LeMunyon, Crescent City

Time for Waste Board to catch up on work

With the appointment by the county of its two members to the Solid Waste Authority Board, will the authority start to move forward to address the number of issues that for two years have not been answered?

A lot of time has been wasted because solid waste has been used as a football. The next thing that shouldbe done is the appointment of the public member so the five-member board can do the work they should be doing.

Richard Miles, Crescent City

Supervisors should have felt insulted

Thank you, Diana Clark, for taking the time to write the letter I, and many others, should have written concerning the need for rules! ("Aim is to make country safer, not take rights," March 9.)

The current effort, funded by the arms industry via the NRA, to convince the gullible they need to be armed to protect themselves against the current administration's plan to take away their guns, is ridiculous, however effective. The majority of NRA members as well as non-member gun owners feel rules affecting the ownership and sales of weapons are of prime importance. Because those rules will not solve the problem completely is no reason to give up.

Those who profit from lack of regulations (i.e. Wall Street) are always ready to pour huge amounts of money into a campaign to convince the public no "watch dogs" are needed. Without those unwilling to give up on ensuring the safety of our food, drugs, automobiles, water, etc., U.S. products would not meet the high standards we are known for throughout the world.

All of our supervisors should have felt insulted by the newest member of the group insinuating they, and Del Norte County, do not support the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution, like the Bible, makes possible lots of room for interpretation. Different religious denominations make rules based on their understanding of the Bible for their members to follow and political groups use their interpretation of the Constitution to promote their cause. Let's not allow one of these minority groups to set the tone of our community.

Lois Munson, Crescent City

Gov't making poorspending cut choices

The president didn't get his way.Something he proposed and convinced the Congress to vote for - he said he would veto anything else - has backfired.

So, instead of canceling expensive, unnecessary conferences, in expensive locations, and a dinner at an expensive restaurant to court favor with some Republicans, among other expensive items, he and his cabinet have cut the things that we, the voters will feel the most.White House tours?They are run by docents, and cost the government for security. Something they have to do anyway.

Sequestration is a cut to the amount of an automatic increase. A cut to a future raise, if you will. Think of it this way: If your boss said that out of the "goodness of his heart" he was giving you a $100 raise, then came back to you and said he had miscalculated his finances, and had to cut your future raise to $97.50, or 2andfrac12; percent, could live with it?

Could you find something you

really didn't need, to cut?Maybe you would only go out to dinner three times a month instead of four.

Why should you and I have to cut our spending, tighten our belts, when our leaders, from the top down, refuse to tighten theirs? I haven't had a really nice vacation in years, have you?

We already have a crime problem, in part thanks to the economy, do we really need our government turning criminals loose to add to the crime rate?

While we are talking about spending, how much do you think our government will be spending, just for security alone, to put Osama Ben Laden's son-in-law on trial in New York City? A known Al Quida terrorist, who says proudly that he hates America and Americans, will get all the rights of Americans!

We will spend billions to protect the citizens of New York City from his followers who will want to use his trial to martyr him and themselves. He does not deserve the same rights as Americans.He deserves the rights of an enemy combatant, a military tribunal at Guantanamo.

Tell your congressman, and your president, that you are not a foolish child to be punished for not obeying your "elders." Remind them that they work for you! The addresses and phone numbers are often published in this newspaper, and are in the phone book.

Virginia Walworth, Crescent City