Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Regionalization, rural population a lethal mix

I attended the meeting for the proposed regionalization of Sutter Coast hospital. I also read the story of the same meeting ("The doctor makes his case," March 14). The meeting was hosted by Dr. Greg Duncan chief of medical staff at Sutter Coast Hospital. It was a very good meeting, very informative and well presented.

Nowhere in either venue was the impact on the local community residents mentioned. Del Norte County is composed of many small, isolated communities, 20 or more miles from Sutter Coast Hospital. In the event of a medical emergency, the first responders are the local volunteer fire department or the Yurok tribal emergency response team. If it is determined that further treatment is needed, an ambulance is called or the patient is transported by private auto.

Under regionalization, it's possible there would fewer beds available for emergencies. If the beds were all in use, then the patient would have to be moved to another hospital. In our remote area, that would mean going east, north or south. All of the choices are 50 to hundreds of miles from Crescent City.

The expense of surface ambulance or air transport will be hundreds of dollars. This expense will fall on the patient or family of the patient. Most of our residents are on a fixed income and the expense will be overwhelming.

In addition to this is the very real possibility that it would be fatal to the patient.

George C. Herrick, Klamath

Resource for students with 504 accommodation

My letter is to give out information to parents in Del Norte. If you have a child that has been tested for a learning problem and given a 504 accommodation plan and is still not doing well in classes, you can contact Ms. Vervilos through the Del Norte District School Office and she may be able to help you. You can also contact Superintendent Don Olson at the district office.

Federal law says "NoChild Left Behind" and that is why kids are tested and have 504 plans. If your child has a 504 plan they are supposed to get help to learn and should not be getting failing grades.

On the flip side, if your child is not doing well in school and you don't know why - have them tested for a hearing problem.

Not everyone learns the same way, so let's make sure all the kids learn.

Shirley Dollahite, Crescent City

Thanks to LRT for its talented performance

I am so happy and needed to share why.

I went to the "9 to 5" play at Crescent Elk School. Lighthouse Repertory Theatre, the group that gives us much of its time, should be given an award for giving us a great avenue for entertainment.

Everyone is so talented that it is hard to give kudos to any one person in this play. Thank you so much for the show.

Mary Thiessen, Crescent City