Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Historical perspective on parties

A March 16 letter from Heidi Bauman, "Tired of Dem-bashing; like dog park proposal," shows that she may be too young for historical perspective.

For over 50 years I learned that both parties are about the same and so I became an Independent.

At 84, I remember they passed Social Security in 1936 and all Republicans were against it. The same happened in 1955 for Medicare; they opposed it also and then they use both benefits after 65.

Congress hates our good economy, when everything was made in the United States and of good quality. In 1980 it began sending factories to China and other countries.

Changing the subject, I admire those single payers in poor nations. Everyone has the same great care: Congress, presidents and people. Social Security runs the health care, retirement and education. From birth they are covered for life.

Taxes are higher even in food, but the money goes for Social Security; and no need for insurance.

Our members of Congress have specialized health care, but we have no freedom of joining it.

Samuel Rosa, Crescent City