Back when the high school was still on the corner of 9th and H streets, the school colors were still red and white and 2nd Street was still the main business section of town - prior to the 1964 tsunami, this made for an ideal marching route for the high school band.

As the school prepared for a football game the band would line up in front of the school and march down H Street to 2nd Street, turn left on 2nd and continue marching until they reached Pyke's Variety Store, where they would form a single line and enter the front door, then march around the store, then go out through the other front door, then single-file they would enter the front door of McGilvery's Fountain and News Stand, then march right out the back door.

The band would then reform on 2nd street and march back to the high school.

Vaughn Pyke and Bill McGilvery, who owned these businesses, were two of the biggest boosters for the Warriors.

This was really fun. The band leader at the time was Harry Rude and the football coach was Chuck DeAutremont. At that time the total enrollment of the high school was only about 380 students. It seemed to me at the time that the majority of the student body was involved in everything.

A little bit of old history, at the time the band marched the route it was still Highway 101. The highway used to run right through the middle of town down 2nd Street, then up H Street, then down to 9th Street and out of town on what is now Northcrest Drive. The 1964 tsunami has changed a lot of things.

What made the band march even more fun was that it was done during school time, although students that rode buses had to be back to catch the bus as there was no late bus back then.

One other thing that makes this memory extra special to me is that I am now married to one of the majorettes that led this march, a pretty girl named Donna Adair, who participated with her best friend, Donna Slater. This is just one of the great memories I have as a former Warrior student and athlete.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.