Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Owner explains issues with Ruth Compound

Some truth about the Ruth Compound ("Woman, 24, is killed in fire"): The county fails to get scum people from living in the area. I own Dan Ruth's old property. No one paid a half-million dollars to clean anything over there on my part of the land.

We have every scumbag coming out there dumping trash and the blight office is a joke, failing to remove or arrest or enforce the law. Anyone out there is trespassing if they don't own property. I cannot use my property because of stealing, illegal dumping and so on.

Let's all flood (code enforcement office Dave) Mason with complaints, as I have for years.

Who do I sue for allowing this?

Jason Anderson, Crescent City

Supervisors absent

from LEADN honors

Where were the Supervisors at the LEADN awards presentation ("Honors for our officers," March 21)? I was so proud to be among the audience watching my Pelican Bay brethren honored for exemplary service at the Law Enforcement Administration of Del Norte County awards presentation at the Cultural Center.

Other law enforcement agencies and staff were similarly recognized: Sheriff's Office, Search and Rescue, the District Attorney's Office, the Probation Department, California Highway Patrol, and the Crescent City Police Department honored the best of the best in their respective departments. It was a wonderful evening.

Looking about the audience, I observed four of the five City Council members and the city manager. I am sad to say I saw just one county supervisor in attendance.

I am not going to embarrass in print the supervisors who did not feel it necessary to be in attendance at this event, but to the supervisor who did attend, I thank him for recognizing all who serve and those who are honored, volunteers and employees, for a job well done.

Cory Countess, Crescent City

The curious case of complaint from city

A few years back I criticized City Hall for all the lights on the pier being out at the height of our tourist season. Shortly thereafter, I was served with a complaint. "Coincidence," you might say, except that I was informed by a city employee that it was retaliation.

Absolutely a true story.

Now fast-forward to my letter to the editor in the March 9 edition ("Where is indignation at reinstating suspect?") in which I expressed indignation at the seeming double-standard applied to public employees.

That's right, you guessed it, deja vu. I got a letter from City Hall again!

Both times, I'm not saying that City Hall can't justify its points of complaint, but do you really believe in coincidence again?

Just wish my experiences left me feeling that City Hall was cooperating instead of vindictive. Perhaps another employee might contact me with inside information, again!

James Snow, Crescent City