Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Trone leaving great mark on Warrior athletics

I would like to publicly thank Coach Dick Trone for the time and effort he puts into writing his weekly column "Warrior Memories" in the Triplicate. He does a fantastic job of educating the public on Warrior athletics both past and present.

I would also like to recognize and bring to everyone's attention what a fine man and extraordinary coach/teacher Dick Trone is and was.

I was one of many fortunate athletes that passed through Del Norte High that was able to be influenced by his special coaching ability.

Coach Trone had a style of coaching that brought out the best in every individual he tutored. Not once did I ever hear Coach Trone raise his voice, use profanity in his teaching or demean an athlete in any way. He had the special ability of making everyone feel important, and that was true for athletes that played every play and ones that didn't see the field as much.

Oftentimes when we see a coach use unacceptable behavior such as profanity and demeaning actions toward the individuals they oversee, we can conclude their inappropriateness is an attempt to mask the insufficiencies they have as a coach.

Coach Trone didn't have any weaknesses a coach. He's bright, well versed and a master teacher who had discipline and great respect from those he taught.

Thank you, Coach Trone, for the mark you've left on Warrior athletics and for all the lives you touched. You are a tremendous man and have made a difference in many lives.

Terry Vance, Crescent City

No end in sight on how high sewer rates will go

We own a property in Crescent City hooked up to sewer and when the rates started to double, we bought a place in Oregon on septic. Our intent is to move out of California because the rates are intolerable. There is no end in sight on how high the sewer rates will go.

We went on the sewer facility tour in 2007. We listened to the propaganda by Jim Barnts and the Council. We thought then and still think that the city was and is exploiting the public. The 11.8 percent expansion percentage was never believable.

We're glad this issue has finally surfaced. We hope to see the city held liable for dishonestly having the ratepayers pay a disproportionate share of the loan. We've all known that hook-ups were to pay for expansion under Prop 218.

The city will do whatever it wants with the ratepayers' money besides pay back the loan. Now it's $650,000 in the red.

It's going to be one excuse after another. No wonder the city has a deficit. It will always have a deficit because it's always spending more than it has. They should have listened to Donna Westfall.

Paul Norup, Crescent City