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Sullivan, Gitlin playing games with Authority

When will the soccer game end? The Triplicate's March 26 editorial, "Will new Solid Waste Authority Board do its job?" did an excellent job of pointing out the problems with the membership of the authority.

For more than four years, Michael Sullivan has used the Solid Waste Authority as a soccer game with no real winners. Now it looks like Roger Gitlin has joined him.

These little games should end.

The Solid Waste Authority has to call for applications from the general public for the board's fifth member. This member should be the voice of the community on the Solid Waste Board. Under the new memorandum of understanding that the city and county signed, they will have to vote for this public member. Maybe this will end the good old boy network appointment we saw of the last public member.

Having a true public member with full voting powers protects the general public. Also, it could end the political games that Sullivan and Gitlin may want to play. I want to thank my City Council members who showed leadership at the March 26 meeting. It is my hope people with an interest in solid waste will pick up applications at the transfer site.

Richard Miles, Crescent City

How will taking away my guns stop the crazies?

Down about 125 words into Linda LaMarr's March 28 Coastal Voices piece about the supervisors' resolution in support of the Second Amendment, she asks what is wrong with limiting magazine capacity and having background checks and tougher gun laws.

Well, what is wrong is that they diminish everyone's constitutional rights in direct violation of the Second Amendment. I assume she must have read it? Perhaps looking up the definition of the words "right," "keep," "bear" and "infringed" would help her to understand what it actually says.

What our forefathers had in mind is made pretty clear in the wording of the amendment. There is no room for doubt about what they said. I see no reason to doubt they meant exactly what they said.

What I don't understand is how punishing me (by taking away my rights) will stop some crazy criminal nut from killing someone, or several someones.

Most of us honest citizens are not crazy criminal nuts and we do not go around shooting people. So why take our guns? Why take away our rights? In fact, I believe if most of these crazy nuts knew it to be likely that some of their intended victims were likely to be armed, they might not be so eager to start shooting.

Didn't the guy that shot up the theater chose the one advertised as a "gun-free zone" out of four or five theaters playing the same movie?Why do you think he did that?

As long as our government protects our politicians with armed guards but declares schools "gun-free zones," I will not believe they are serious about protecting our children.

It is my hope that Supervisor Roger Gitlin and others like him continue to honor the oath of office they took to defend our Constitution of these United States of America. And a pox on those who disrespect their oath.

Clif Shepard, Hiouchi