Have you ever seen a particular piece of property, and been struck with the thought that it would be an ideal spot for something? Or better yet, returned to that place a few years later to find that what you had envisioned had taken place?

That happened to a young man back in the 1800s, in Iowa. The 20-something was on his way to visit his girlfriend, and when the stagecoach made a stop, he walked around the area as he waited for his journey to resume. As he admired his surroundings, he thought, "This would make a perfect spot for a church."

Continuing on his travels, he was unable to forget it, and the result of his mental ramblings evolved into the words and music of a song, "The Little Brown Church in the Vale."

A few years later, he and his girlfriend (now his wife) moved to that area, where, to his surprise, the site was now home to a lovely little church - a brown one to boot.

People travel there purposely for weddings and other events. It's still there, with a congregation of about 100. And the song? It's one of those that stays in your mind, echoing over and over each time you hear it.

andbull; There will be special programs with music at two of our churches in a couple weeks. Both the Church of Christ and New Life Community Church will present programs revolving around music.

At the Church of Christ on April 27 and 28, the program will be one of worship and song, with three ministers preaching, and the Bell Choir from Foursquare Church School performing.

At New Life on the 28th, there will be a variety night at 6 p.m. with songs, readings, and congregational singing.

andbull; Thursday, the Ladies' Christian Fellowship will meet at 10:30 a.m. at the Trinity Center of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

Speaker for the day will be Mike Young, a retired city official, who will discuss his most recent trip to Haiti and the progress being made there. There will be special music as well.

Lunch will be catered by Northwoods at a cost of $10 per person (or $3 for just coffee).

The group is non-denominational, and all women are welcome. Reservations are needed to provide enough food. To make reservations, or for more information, call Liz at 464-3539.

To reach Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email