Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Too bad about N. Korea; didn't have to be like this

Well folks, here we go again. North Korea "dares" the United States to fear it by threats and televised parades of brainwashed students (God help them).

It's awful enough that we, the U.S., had to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 to finally stop a war against misguided fanatic patriots.

Now, like good parents do when their children are threatened by some young bully down the block, the U.S. has to call for a PTA meeting (in this case, possibly a global one!) and let bad parents know that their unruly kids need to be sent to their rooms and given a sound spanking.

Since North Korea has such bad parents, it is upon the U.S. to put our foot down. Too bad, it didn't have to be this way.

Heidi Bauman, Crescent City

Abstaining on gun rights vote is cowardly way out

As with any issue there are people on both sides, those for, and those against increased firearms restrictions. I personally don't believe anyone should be punished because of the actions of others, and that includes gun owners. If someone uses a gun responsibly for hunting or target shooting they should not be punished because others use a gun to rob or kill.

There are many points that should be looked at, including judges not handing out more severe punishment for firearm crimes. It seems that most sentences for firearm crimes are mild if any at all. Of course not all judges are like that, but you might be surprised at the number that are. The national check system was invented by the NRA but was not put into effect as intended by the government.

And yes, there are certainly people that should not have firearms for various reasons but get them anyway. If a person wants a firearm, it can be had anywhere for a price.

We should enforce laws that are on the books now, not introduce new laws that won't work. Firearms owners are as upset over children being shot as anyone else.

There is a law that states that firearms should be locked up when not in legal use, but it is not enforced. This law, if enforced, would prevent children from getting to them and prevent accidents and prevent guns from being stolen and used in crimes. Firearm owners should not be burdened by more laws.

Also, to make firearms illegal because they look bad or mean is not only stupid, but a joke. If you are truly pro-Second Amendment, you should not stand still for any more firearms laws. Stand up and be counted, not silent and abused.

To abstain from voting is a cowardly way out. Last but not least, what one owns is no one's concern but the owner's as long as it is legal and properly stored. Remember, the Second Amendment states, "shall not be infringed." What part of that isn't understood?

Fred Cox, Crescent City

Why aren't new trash bins at beach emptied?

As a member of the community and a frequent visitor to Point St. George beaches, the recent addition of new trash and recycle bins is greatly appreciated.

After spring break and Easter, the trash bins have been left overflowing. I visited the first beach on the left Saturday, March 30, and there was trash being strewn about the parking lot and blowing down to the beach.

I thought for sure someone would be out to empty the bins after the holiday weekend. It is now Wednesday, April 3, and the trash remains.

This is so awful to see such beauty wrecked by debris.Who is in charge, who is responsible for the removal of the full trash bins? A busy holiday should have warranted immediate trash pickup.What is going on here?

Aaron Crume, Crescent City

Puzzling signage alongPacific Ave. school zone

I have been puzzled for many years and finally decided to write about this. Why do we only enter school zones with a 25 mph speed limit and never leave?

This is true throughout the county. I watch for the beginning sign on the other side of the road before resuming the regular speed limit, but have had impatient drivers speed pass me even in a no-passing zone - especially by the high school on Washington Boulevard.

And on Pacific Avenue, if you are traveling east away from the ocean, you pass a school crossing, but no school zone or reduced speed limit signs. However, if you are driving west from H Street, you enter a school zone and see a reduced speed limit to 25 mph sign. That side of the street is away from Crescent Elk and Joe Hamilton schools.

Can a driver be cited for speeding if traveling east on the side closest to the schools at the normal speed of 35 mph all the way up to H Street?

Laurel Marquart, Crescent City

Warmongering by both parties is appalling

Congressman Eliot Engel of New York wants to give military aid to the "rebels" in Syria, a bunch of cutthroat thugs who are directly supported by the Al Qaeda terrorist group.

The fact that Eliot Engel is a top-ranking Democrat tells you everything you need to know about our two-party system.

I would call the Republican and Democrat parties the "Twin Towers" of war and poverty.

Our first black president invades a country in Northern Africa and so-called "left wingers" like Michael Moore say we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Who cares about the fact that Obama broke the law when he started a war in Libya without congressional authority? What a disgrace!

Who cares that our support for the "Arab Spring" is a stupid foreign policy that is blowing up in our faces in Libya and throughout the Middle East?

Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain make fun of Rand Paul and his concern about Obama's drone policy. Rand Paul actually thinks it is wrong to kill United States citizens on American soil without the due process of laws. What a nut!

Graham and McCain say that Obama's drone policy is no different than the policy of George W. Bush. That's the problem.

Rand Paul is a hero and McCain and Graham are a couple of warmongering bums.

President Obama does have a lot in common with George W. Bush, especially when it comes to his miserable foreign policy in the Middle East. That's why I call the president "Barry Bush."

Joe Thomas, Brookings

Don't accuse officials before you know facts

After seeing several letters asking where were the county supervisors who did not go to the LEADN awards meeting, I decided to ask Dave Finigan why he did not appear.

I did, and Finigan was busy in Sacramento at the Regional Council of Rural Counties representing the county. On the agenda was the fire fees imposed on many rural Del Norte county property owners that Dave wants repealed. In addition the meeting included laying the groundwork for implementing the Affordable Care Act for Del Norte and other rural counties that is being mandated by the federal government.

So, anyway, Dave was busy working for the people of this county that day. Maybe Martha McClure was at a Friends of Del Norte meeting trying to find ways to keep a business from locating to Del Norte County, or perhaps at the Coastal Commission stopping the U.S. Navy from using sonar - like the kind that finds a Chinese submarine that might just shoot a missile off the coast.

At least someone should ask her and the others before writing letters to complain about missing an awards ceremony and imply they do not support law enforcement.

Ron Plechaty, Crescent City