Del Norte Triplicate Readers

What Alexander's reaction to disbarment sounded like

I just read Jon Alexander's April 6 response to the State Bar decision to recommend disbarring him. All I heard was "waaa."

Jack Brown, Crescent City

Haters brought down voters' choice for district attorney

Well well well. Job well done by the Jon Alexander-haters ("Judge wants DA disbarred," April 6). You proved your case.

In fact all you have really done is bring down a man that "we the people" voted to protect us and to put the bad guys away.

How much victory is there in that?

"We the people" wrote, shouted, voted who we wanted to rid Del Norte County of crime and drugs.

"We the people" said we know about his past, yet want him as our DA.

"We the people" of Del Norte County know the power of our votes.

"We the people" will not forget at our next election.

Summer Moore-Clawson, Crescent City

Please save Sutter Coast from being downsized

As you know, our local hospital, Sutter Coast Hospital, is threatened with losing its governance and autonomy through the act of "regionalization" to the larger Sutter Health of Sacramento. This will be coming about through a transfer of ownership agreement initiated by the larger institution and our hospital board.

Because of our geographical isolation, a new "critical access" designation - favored by Sutter Health - will downsize our 52-bed capacity hospital to just 25 beds and thus limit local patient access.

It will also necessitate many of our mostly elderly population to either drive long distances (if able) for surgical treatment or be airlifted to Medford or San Francisco in emergency situations.

Besides being expensive, there could be dangerous delays in patient care, particularly if no life flights are available. As a result, the regionalization plan has greatly alarmed the town's citizenry, its local doctors, and the hospital staff.

Additionally, our hospital, from which my wife and I have received expert medical care for over 20 years, is the only one within a radius of 82 miles. We'd be lost without it.

Please help us save our hospital.

Carter Swart, Crescent City