Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Rehabilitating Crowell is nothing short of wonderful

After being a foster parent in Del Norte County, I can honestly say that Thomas Crowell was one of the best probation officers that I have ever dealt with. He was instrumental in turning my nephew's life around.

The fact that the county is giving him the chance to go to rehabilitation for his gambling addiction ("Crowell reaches a plea bargain," April 11) is nothing short of wonderful.

The people that have been writing such negative letters obviously do not know him. Furthermore, to compare him to District Attorney Jon Alexander is preposterous. Jon Alexander was investigated by outside sources and found culpable.

What Mr. Crowell did is not an offense that would land someone in prison, as stated in Tony Jacomella's April 20 letter, "No good reason Crowell is still head of probation."

I am very glad that he has been given a second chance. Everyone deserves that.

Janine Hodson, Crescent City

Can't voters do better thanAlexander and Riese?

I for one, am sick and tired of the entitlement of the members of the good ol' boy network to do as they wish, to whomever, without consequence.

You, the people, elected someone who turned out to have pharmaceutical drug problems and then one who behaves in such a way he faces disbarment. And you blame others?

Can't you, the people, do better than Mike Riese and Jon Alexander?

Teresa Mize, Gasquet

Unruly kids at playground during Little League

I would like to start by saying that I greatly appreciate all of the people who volunteer their time to Little League.

I really would like to see parents supervise their children at the ball field playground. My T-ball player has a 2-year-old brother. He spends the majority of games upset because he can't play on the equipment.

Older children throw the "bark" all over constantly and block the entrances to slides, etc. I have had to intervene and ask them to stop the throwing.

When I asked a child approximately 7 years old where his parents were I was told that he didn't know. I am astonished that a parent would allow this to happen. I just want to keep my little one safe.

Melissa Roundy, Crescent City

Wrong to disbar a good man like DA Alexander

About District Attorney Jon Alexander, in a few words, I can tell everyone that I do support him. He has been making good on his promise to try and rid our community of drugs and drug dealers. Give him credit for his doings.

He was always up front about his past transgressions. I believe he is a good person and a good DA.

I also believe this trying to get him disbarred is not right. Let him do his job and quit worrying about what he does in his private life. We should give him a public apology.

Mary Thiessen, Crescent City