Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Thanks for beautiful coverage of butterflies

The California Sister has been an old friend of mine for many years. Thank you for the beautiful photo in Saturday's paper ("The forests on another scale: Butterflies and moths are indicators of habitat health within the region's redwood parks").

Mary Jean Goecker, Crescent City

Sheriff lacks authority to cherry-pick laws enforced

The information in the April 18 Triplicate informing us our sheriff will prosecute only matters which meet his, or the group he represents, interpretation of constitutionality certainly got my attention! ("Dems pushing for gun control: Wilson tells senators he would not enforce bill.")

I do not recall his campaign put forth the idea he would uphold only those laws meeting his understanding of the Constitution. I voted for Sheriff Wilson not as a constitutional expert, but to uphold the county, state and national laws on the books. We have rules in a democracy for changing laws that do not include elected officials deciding which are to be honored and which are to be ignored. Working for change is a long, difficult task, but if change is needed the process must be followed.

The fact that our sheriff has organized a very active political group in our little community is certainly to be admired. It would appear, however, that this group may be trying to assume authority without voter approval.

First, our newest county supervisor, a member of the Tea Party Patriot group, felt the pledge they all took to uphold the Constitution was not sufficient and asked that belief in the Second Amendment be taken separately. Now our sheriff is asking us to accept his decisions on which violations are to be prosecuted.

What is the grand plan? Please, guys, within your group interpret the Constitution any way you wish, reaffirm your belief in any part of the Constitution, but do not expect me to accept your version of that document. Work to change it, but until you do, making up your own rules cannot be accepted.

New subject: Regarding Bob Berkowitz; April 11 Coastal Voices piece, "Government just keeps making matters worse," fair allocation of responsibility in financial matters dictates making the percentage of support and reward equal. So if 1 percent of the population is harvesting 75 percent of the nation's income they should be contributing 75 percent of the taxes needed to keep that nation solvent. You say they contribute only 37 percent, so obviously they are shirking their responsibility to our country. Good reason to reinstate the graduated income tax.

Lois Munson, Crescent City