Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Clarification about grant program's condition

I am writing in regard to the April 22 article about the City of Crescent City's decision to hire a Sacramento-based firm for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) administrative services and the remarks made at the April 15 City Council meeting on which the article was based.

I would like to clear up any misconceptions about the financial condition of the CDBG program when my contract ended. I am not aware of, and cannot speak to the many non-CDBG grants administered by city staff, one of which may have $7,500 in excess expenditures.

At the time my contract ended, however, none of the CDBG grants for which I was responsible were either overspent or projected to be overspent. Administrative costs required to close out fully-expended CDBG grants are minimal and are chargeable to the administrative portion of those grants that remain open.

The CDBG program is sufficiently complicated that management and tracking of the multiple projects and funds are easily confused. I believe I was both diligent and successful in performing this task during my time with the city.

Charlaine Mazzei, Crescent City

Let's choose a local physician for county post

The April 25 article about the county health officer ("Health officer residency raises spat") should have included more information.

How much is Dr. Martinelli paid? Is this a full- or part-time position? Why did Dr. Martinelli move out of the area?

Since there are four physicians living here who are willing to take this responsibility, according to Supervisor Roger Gitlin, why continue with someone who has been out of the area for two years?

I find it hard to believe that someone living hundreds of miles away can adequately serve Del Norte County. The article mentions three emergencies handled by Dr. Martinelli, all of which happened before he moved away. Would he have been able to properly handle each case from his present location?

Dr. Martinelli states he works with other agencies here, that's well and good but it has nothing to do with our county. Mr. Gitlin states four other physicians are willing to take on the work of our health care officer. Since they are local we should choose one of them. Why keep someone on our payroll who only comes here once a month, how can he keep informed on the all aspects of this job living so far away?

While it is commendable of Dr. Martinelli to do local work, what is the reason for continuing this relationship? The needs of our county should come first and we should not have to substitute a local part-time person just to keep Dr. Martinelli on our payroll. Let's choose a physician who is local.

Marlowe Thompson, Crescent City