Del Norte Triplicate Readers

Schools not handling bullying sufficiently

I am writing in regards to the so-called change in the Del Norte Unified School District bullying policy. I thought in the beginning that the change was so spectacular. However in light of recent events at one of the schools here in Del Norte County, I seriously have my doubts.

My children are of a mixed ethnicity, and they are being called names that are racially driven, and nothing is being done. Unless you call having a child apologizing with no repercussions to his or her actions something.

This should not be tolerated in any form at any time, and should be grounds for suspension, for the first offense and continue to get more severe. I am appalled with the actions of the school and district on this matter.

I assure you if it continues I will seek legal counsel for my children and other ethnic children within this area.

Shawna Fairgood,Crescent City

Vehicles producing noise pollution

I must be so too old, because it's too loud. I can't be the only one who hears car stereos from too far away or the thump of off-road tires for blocks.

And how about that tuned exhaust that's much louder than my neighbor's log trucks? But I'm just sayin'.

Bill Cook,Crescent City

Glad sheriff won't enforce new gun laws

In regards to the April 27 editorial, "Despite sheriff's stand, it's not high noon here," about Sheriff Dean Wilson not enforcing gun control laws, it seems there's some people here, including the Triplicate, who think he's the only law enforcement official out there with this stand.

Well, he's not alone. There's over 340 law enforcement officials in the United States that have taken the same stand. Obama's gun control bill went nowhere in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The only reason California's bill has a chance to pass is because the California Democrats run everything and our Democrats aren't smart enough to look at the U.S. Senate vote and make the same wise decision.

But if it does pass it won't be enacted. The lawsuits will fly, the courts will intervene, and the people that passed these unconstitutional laws will be kicked out next time around. Just watch!

It's not only because Del Norte county is a "rural, politically conservative area," according to the Triplicate, it's because almost every town in every state in the United States is a "rural, politically conservative area" except in the big cities!

So good job, Dean!

Mike Cuthbertson,Gasquet

Memorial fruit trees for community gardens

Recently, I learned that Rural Human Services will be taking over the operation of one of our community gardens, the one in Peterson Park. Currently, you will see a group of our local community gardening. I know that the Food Council and First 5 have hired a Vista person to work with people who need a space to garden. I'm a deep believer in people growing their own food. Also, this coming Sunday, April 29, the people at the Wellness Center are planning a work day in their community garden. They have a few plots, too.

I would like to make a suggestion to your readers. Arbor Day was during this month. After reading how the power company gave fruit trees to our schools, maybe the people whose family members have passed away would give fruit trees in their names at these locations. I'm aware that both RHS and the Wellness Center need donations to improve their gardens.

I want to thank the people at Building Healthy Communities for giving the grant to RHS to renew the community garden in Peterson Park.

Richard Miles,Crescent City