'Baby shower' for Pregnancy Care Center on Thursday

Of all the books in the Bible, I think that sometimes the study of Revelation brings about the most discussion, sometimes becoming quite heated. Folks have a number of opinions on it, as to its true meaning, whether it should be taken literally or figuratively - or seriously at all.

Personally, I find the book most intriguing.

To begin with, the writer, John, writes that he has been taken to heaven and is given all manner of visions of things to come. Creatures of wild descriptions, and other things.

But I wonder - what must have it been like, for him to write about things that pertained to our time - things that he'd never seen, or even imagined

What would it be like for us to be transported 2,000 years into the future - and then to try to describe what we'd seen - with no references to compare them to?

A different view is being offered at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church via the program, "Follow the Lamb," a series of meetings that began Friday.

Herb Montgomery will be at the church through May 11 for this series, which will focus on the ethical teachings of Jesus, rather than the way we are used to viewing the book.

Meetings begin at 7 p.m. each evening. They are free, and all are invited.

andbull; Temple Beth Shalom will hold another Kaballah class today at 11 a.m. in Brookings at the Curry Coastal Pilot building. The class will be led by Rabbi Les Scharnberg. Attendees are reminded to be considerate to the Pilot folks when selecting parking places.

andbull; While there's not much going on right now, May has arrived - which means that, as fast as time seems to be flying by, school will soon be out for the summer. I'm sure some of our churches will again be offering Vacation Bible School, so please let me know what your church is going to do.

A lot of kids really do enjoy this, and look froward to it. I live in close proximity to three of our local churches, and when VBS is on, I hear joyful sounds and see kids having a great time

andbull; Thursday the Ladies Christian Fellowship will meetat St. Paul's Trinity Center at 10:30 am.

There will be a "baby shower" for the Pregnancy Care Center, and there will be an update on the center with director Patty DeMartin and community liaison Sharon Allen. Those attending are asked to bring unwrapped baby gifts, diapers, layettes, blankets - items to size 2 are needed.

Also on the agenda, there will be a report on Team Redwood, and an offering taken for medical supplies for their next trip to Haiti. Collection of food items for Reach Out Ministries also continues.

Lunch will be catered by Northwoods at a cost of $10, or $3 for just coffee. Please call Liz at 464-3539 to make reservations, which are needed to order the food.

To contact Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email